Khaleem Shaik

Hello friends! My name is Khaleem Shaik, finishing 3rd year in Business Administration with a minor in Leadership Studies. I am running to serve you as the UNBSU President. I was nominated as 2020 Champions of Cultural Diversity Award by NBMC and earned the Honourable Frank McKenna Award, UNB Third Century Fund Merit Award, several awards and nominations.

My primary vision is to serve and equip you with a better student life experience by initiating the best resources available for you. Not only advocating for you but executing various projects to implement inclusion and shape diversity and transparency in work establish by SU.

In the past two years, I advocated for food insecurity, mental health awareness and international students. I served as Student Senator in 2019. Initiated projects like Hamper Food Box Program, Bus Pass for International Students (recently implemented to all UNB Undergrads) and founded LEAP Conference for passionate students to become as an entrepreneur and enhance leadership abilities. Now, serving as the Canada Food Guide Ambassador to execute strategies to ensure healthy food can be accessible on the UNBF campus. As Assistant Patrol Leader of Campus Patrol, I was recently appointed to be part of the UNB Capital Planning and Operations Team.

I acknowledge there are limitations to overcome and innovative proposals to be established for student needs. I believe I’m competent in leading the UNB Student Union as your President in the next year.

You can learn more about my platform at

Kordell Walsh

Hey UNB! My name is Kordell, my pronouns are he/him, and I’m a fourth-year Renaissance College student, minoring in history. Although I’m from small-town Renfrew, Ontario, I’ve had the pleasure to call UNB home for the past 4 years. Since coming to UNB, I’ve had the great opportunity to take on roles such as President of Tibbits Hall, a RedShirt Orientation Leader and a delegate to NBSA to advocate to the provincial government and university officials on behalf of students, among other paid and unpaid opportunities both on and off campus. By far the most rewarding experiences have been ones working directly with students to improve the student experience.

As a leader, I consider myself a logistics person – someone who ensures the small details aren’t forgotten and the group works cohesively to create projects that work and are sustainable. I think that combined with the knowledge I gained about how to effectively use the tools at my disposal to improve communication with students are extremely valuable tools that I can uniquely bring to the position. Some of my primary goals include working to broaden the scope of our health and dental plan to include additional mental health services, promote and encourage students to access the free bystander intervention training program, implement a broad financial literacy campaign, and review and improve upon the way the Student Union communicates and engages with students. I’d love to chat with folks, so feel free to reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, or email!

VP Internal

Deanna Merriam

Hey UNB! My name is Deanna, and I am a third year student studying Political Science! Born right here in Fredericton, NB, I am proud to call UNB my home. As the current Vice-President of Communications for the Student Union, I have learned a lot about the role of VP Internal. Due to the long-term nature of many VP Internal projects, I hope to continue working with the university administration on behalf of our students in order to see meaningful and positive change.

Some of my campaign goals include:

  • The removal of the “W” from transcripts. UNB is one of few universities in which there is a W on student transcripts for withdrawing before the withdraw-fail date.
  • The implementation of a Course Repeat Policy. Should a student wish to retake a course, the second grade should be the only one counted towards their GPA.
  • Continue to push the university to invest in updated technology for the registrar that can support the removal of the W, and the course repeat policy.
  • Fight for the Fall Reading Week. With the November break currently a pilot project, I intend to work on making this much-needed break permanent in our undergraduate calendar.
Mehak Khurana 

A typical Friday morning, sitting in pajamas in your room, attending classes virtually and then going to work. Everything around me looks normal and familiar. If only it was 3 years ago, I would have imagined myself like this. Taking that flight from India changed my life completely and UNB is where I call home now.

Hi, my name is Mehak Khurana and I am running for the Vice-President Internal of UNBSU, 2021-2022. I have had the privilege to be the Cultural Secretary for Indian society, and Communications Coordinator for International Students Society and Peer Mentor for Faculty of Arts in the past. I am currently working as the Multicultural coordinator for UNBSU and the co-founder and Vice-President of UNB Naach. My objective is to give each student a voice so that they can bring up the issues they face day-to-day at UNB by crafting evidence-based recommendations that work in the best interest for students. I aim to make the students’ overall quality of life better at UNB by creating an environment where we have education beyond limitation, where we can evolve, grow and learn as an individual. I stand for Resource development, Inclusivity, Financial Constraints, Student-led initiatives.

Well, we can’t spell Union without U and I so we the students, council and executives make this Union stronger together and I am here to celebrate just how far we have come as a campus, as we take our next steps into the whirlwind of changes we’ve been through this past year.

VP Student Life 
Brennan Marks 

Hello UNB! I am Brennan Marks, and I am thrilled to be running for VPSL.  I am in my third year at Renaissance College and I am from beautiful Pictou, NS. I feel very well prepared to take on this role as I’ve been working under our current VPSL as the DrinkSmart Coordinator this year. This experience has given me great insight into the job.  I am the President of the Renaissance College Society, and an executive member for UNB S.P.R.I.N.G. With my unique skill set and leadership experience I know I am able to provide you with a great year!

Campaign Goals:

  • To complete a full Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion review of all existing services, and addressing much needed accessibility challenges throughout the services.
  • To engage with you the students whether it be at major campus events, new events I intend to add, or at focus groups I will be holding to get your feedback! I also want to focus on including our International Student population some new additions to our Food service, and across events and services.
  • To ensure campus events can happen and to be prepared for various phases of COVID recovery to ensure we can have a year packed with great events, and services.

Check out my full platform on social media:


Instagram: @brennan4vpsl

Sohan Kobiri

“Hi UNB! I am Sohan Kobiri, a third year Mechanical Engineering student who is extremely passionate about the vibrant student life that UNB offers. Be it representing UNB at networking conferences, working as a determined student leader in the many roles I hold with different UNB clubs & societies, I always aim to bring a new perspective to the table.

The pandemic has affected everyone in unprecedented ways and changed the way things work in our student lives. As a candidate for the Vice-President Student Life position, I bring a diversified range of experiences and skills that will help in reviving the dynamic student life at UNB and assist in the transition that is evident in the coming times with the pandemic. I aim to act on the foundations built by the previous leaders and bring forward new changes with my vision for: Adaptability, Community and Accessibility. My goals are:

  • Ensuring the diversity among students is well represented and promoted in all services, events by encouraging more international and minority student groups involvement within the university.
  • Bringing more inclusive events, initiatives minimizing the gap that has been created among students because of social isolation due to the pandemic.
  • Increasing verbal, visual, and one-to-one communication with students to educate them about all our services enabling a feedback-based platform focused on improvement.
  • Making our services more accessible and convenient for students through expansion of

SafeRide, revamping the Food, Garden and DrinkSmart services by including new adaptable measures.

Katie Harding 

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Harding and my pronouns are she/her. I’m from Kelowna B.C. but have been living in Fredericton since August 2019. I’m in my second year pursuing my bachelor of recreation and sport studies while minoring in business. Some quick fun facts about me is that I’m an avid sports fan and I love being outdoors. I am running for the Vice-President Student Life position with hopes of creating a more inclusive community while simultaneously making resources more readily available for all.

Some goals I’d like to focus on:

  • Expanding Saferide to be more accessible and catered to the needs of our community.
  • Communicate with the student body in order to develop high engagement events.
  • Focus on extending student resources to on and off campus partners for issues like financial literacy and mental health services.
  • Increasing the awareness and reach of the Fresh Food Bag program run through the Student Union.

For more information on my slates policies as well as my own personal concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Our slates Instagram is @teamkbk2021 and my personal is @katieehardiing. I would love to get in touch with you to hear about your concerns and changes you would like to see!

Social Links:

Personal Instagram:

Slate Instagram:

VP Advocacy 

Téa Fazio

Hi folks! My name is Tea Fazio and I am re-running for the position of UNBSU Vice-President Advocacy. From my three years as a Student Union council member and my experiences since I started the role of VP Advocacy in January, I know that there are a lot of opportunities to make impactful, positive changes for students. I want to strengthen the connection between students and our Union by increasing involvement with students from all faculties, clubs, and societies. I am dedicated to regularly communicating with diverse groups of students to understand and support the changes and initiatives you want to see. I plan to make use of social media, especially livestreams, for increased communication especially via Instagram and I also want to have regular consultations with student clubs, groups, and councillors who can further consult with their represented demographics to give feedback.

 Some of my priorities as VP Advocacy for the 2021-22 year include: taking action using the new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion plan that I am currently leading development on, increasing Sexual Violence Prevention initiatives and student Mental Health supports, and advocating for improveFinancial Aid and Accessibility accommodations. If given the opportunity, in the role of VP Advocacy,I will advocate for actionable change and accountability from our leadership and I would consistently consult with students to introduce new policies and campaigns to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected, and valued at UNB.

Niko Coady 

Hi everyone!

My name is Niko Coady and my pronouns are she/her. I am so excited to be running for VP Advocacy. I am a fourth-year BA student from PEI, doing a double major in psychology and gender and women’s studies with a certificate in family violence issues. I believe that my compassion, dedication, and hard-working mindset make me a great candidate for this position. I was the Student Union Orientation Chair for O-Week 2020, which gives me a familiarity with the inner workings of the Student Union,  and I have also held several leadership positions in residence and within other organizations on campus. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the Women in Transition House, Inc. in Fredericton.

My main goals as VP Advocacy would be to promote bystander intervention training on campus, improve our preventative sexual assault strategy, implement harm reduction practices on campus, and strengthen our community by receiving feedback from students and creating a more inclusive environment. You can see more of my platform on my Facebook event and on my Instagram @nikocoady. I would love to represent you as VP advocacy in 2020-2021. I will listen, I will speak up, and I will take action for students.

VP Finance and Operations 

Brian Anderson

Hello everyone! My name is Brian Anderson. My pronouns are He/Him. I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA but I’ve been living in Fredericton since August 2019. I’m excited to be running for Student Union VP Finance and Operations. I’m a second-year BBA student majoring in economics and hoping to focus on public policy and sustainable economic development. 

In the past, I’ve served as a brand ambassador for multiple companies where I was able to gain sponsorships and endorsements. I’ve worked in paid and volunteer leadership roles like coaching martial arts, and I’ve worked on projects dealing with economics, marketing, and business in general during my time at UNB! My experience makes me a perfect candidate for VP Finance and Operations, as I have proven experience forming and maintaining connections that will help create more opportunities for sponsorships, partnerships, and financial programs. 

As VP Finance and Operations, I will work to expand opportunities for student clubs and programs to help make the community a more accessible, engaging, and transparent space for students. My plan is to provide more resources to groups dealing with important issues like sexual violence, mental health, financial literacy, and many more! I hope to be a guide and a supporter of clubs and societies to make campus feel like home again. I look forward to helping clubs and societies and by providing new opportunities to help them grow.

Bhavya Pratap

Bhavya Pratap Malhotra is third-year International Student here at UNB from India, pursuing a dual-major in Economics and English and a minor in Theatre and Drama. His pronouns are he/him. Bhavya is running for the candidacy of Vice President Finance & Operations. He is thankful to UNB for providing him with immense opportunities to showcase his level of expertise and work ethic. He has had the opportunity to undertake several roles that have shaped his interest in the position of VP Finance and Operations. Whether serving as the current President of the International Student Society and UNB Debate Club, the Townhouse coordinator as well as the Communications Coordinator for UNB Naach/Dance club, every role has taught Bhavya the valuable importance of awareness, education of roles and responsibilities, and sharing this knowledge with fellow students. Similarly, his campaign is based upon three main principles: Transparency, Inclusion, and Community. Bhavya believes that his previous experience and will to execute these principles within the position of VP Finance & Operations would make him a good fit for the position.