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Mismatched Racism | “Where are you from?”

Everyone becomes a racist at least once in their lifetime, knowingly and at times unintentionally. Racism is a global, social, human, inherent problem. The sudden urge to dislike someone different than one’s group is not a new phenomenon. It comes naturally – we fit easily in our group, but struggle to mingle with a different […]

Money – a necessary evil

Money, unfortunately, is a necessity for consumption and survival – unless, of course, you live on an island where everything grows on its own and you don’t have to buy anything. It is also the root of nearly all anxieties, as our modern life and survival is deeply attached to it – whether we like […]

Point of Light shines spotlight on pinhole photography

Photography is about capturing an image for remembrance. But for Larry Holder, it goes beyond taking a picture. “My style is pinhole photography and is basically fairly unrefined, digitally scanned and unedited per se except for dust-marks,” said Holder. Holder is a Fredericton-based photographer and mixed-media artist. His style of work is unique in the […]

Soccer and life go hand in hand for this V-Red

For 19-year-old left-fullback Erin Bethune, playing soccer has been a close relationship. “If it wasn’t for soccer I’d be very lost,” she said. “The soccer team has helped me in many ways, even to the extent of doing course work with my teammates.” Her dad is a coach, and as she grew up playing the […]

The game helped her become who she is today

Volleyball is not just a game for front-court specialist Lauren Joyce. It helped her grow as a person and has given her strength and opportunities to deal with communication and life-skill problems. “I came to UNB because people are more passionate about it here than in England,” said Joyce. “I also got both academic and […]

Walk in the Park

Most people see the game of soccer as a battle of physicality, but Kalen Park sees it in a different way. ‘’The reason why I’m fascinated with soccer is that it’s a game of complexity,” said Park. “The idea of two teams, with different qualities, competing with each other is amazing, and yet the fact […]