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UNBSU among the many student unions receiving random packages

Student unions across Canada have been receiving anonymous Amazon parcels since last fall—and UNB is no exception.

UNB’s Student Union is joined by the student unions of Dalhousie, St. FX and Ryerson, among others, in the puzzle of the mystery packages.

UNBSU vice-president advocacy Haley MacIsaac said that the Student Union began getting these packages sometime last semester—though she said theyre few in number and sporadic.

As for the contents, MacIsaac said the UNBSU has received items that appear to be equally as random as the reports of headphones and sex toys from other student unions. However, the UNBSU didn’t receive any sex toys.

Theyve actually been not so bad, I mean, like, I think one of them was a watch, one of them was a wireless charger…So we have received some interesting things,said MacIsaac.

Many of the items are currently being kept in the SUB Welcome Centre.

If we receive anything and its not picked up by any of our executives, or any councillors or anyone who actually ordered the package, then it just stays at the Welcome Centre,said MacIsaac.

With regard to the origin of these random packages and the question of why theyre being sent specifically to Canadian student unions, no one knows—including Amazon.

According to CBC, a spokesperson for Amazon said they are investigating the inquiries from consumers who have received unsolicited packages, and that this would be in violation of their policies.

MacIsaac said that while the UNBSU may have done some theorizing at first—including wondering if it was some sort of promotion—theyve decided theyll just wait and see what happens, given that the contents of the packages are rather innocuous.

If there had been something, like super violent or something like propaganda of some sort, then obviously wed look into it a little bit more—but because theyre just like, you know, knick-knacks, just kind of random things, theres no harm really that weve addressed or identified,” said MacIsaac.

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