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An Apology

To the readers of The Brunswickan,

After some feedback from the community and a discussion among the members of our Editorial Board, we have concluded that some of the content in the February issue of The Brunswickan may be upsetting to our readers. We create a magazine for a student audience, most of whom reacted positively to our recent issue. However, we acknowledge that we did not consider the readership of our greater Fredericton community in the creation of the most recent edition of our magazine.

We want to apologize for the lack of sensitivity and oversight on our part. While our aim was to promote sex positivity, we realize that this may not have been the best way to do so. We will strive to be more thoughtful and considerate of our whole readership in the future.

As an independent student publication, The Brunswickan is not officially connected to the University of New Brunswick. What we publish does not reflect the views of, nor is necessarily condoned by, the university and its administration.

If you have any concerns, please let us know. We can be reached by phone at 447-3388 or by email at editor@thebruns.ca.


The Brunswickan Editorial Board


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