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Michaelene Motivation: Valentine’s Day or Me, Myself and I Day?

About me: My name is Michaelene Toussaint, a fellow UNB student based in Trinidad and Tobago. I have been given the opportunity of having my own column in the Brunswickan. To tell you about myself, I’d say I am simply a person trying to make the world a better place. As an aspiring motivational speaker, I strive to help people understand and survive life with a different perspective, thinking about it and ultimately moving towards it. As such, my column, “Michaelene Motivation,” will be geared towards the aforementioned. I would love for it to be an interactive one, so feel free to leave comments, feedback, suggestions and queries—you can address any issue! You can contact me by email at toussaintisis@gmail.com.

Today’s message: Valentine’s Day or Me, Myself and I Day?

Welcome back, I hope you all had a blessed and productive week!

This week’s article is mainly for the person that doesn’t have a valentine. However, if you do, congratulations and I hope you enjoy the big day. If you don’t have a valentine, however, it doesn’t make you any less of a person.

For those who will be single this Valentine’s Day, take this opportunity to partake in some self-love. Too many times when we’re in a relationship, we focus too much on making the other person happy so that we lose ourselves. We forget to love ourselves, and so we let ourselves go and forget how to make ourselves happy. Because of this, when we’re finally alone, we become unhappy because we’ve allowed ourselves to become dependent on someone else to feel complete. If you find yourself in this slump, try something new this year and embark on celebrating YOU and not US. Here are three things you can do for yourself this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Write a letter

So many times we get excited over what other people have to say about us. Well, what do you think about yourself? What are some goals you have for yourself this year? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you satisfied with who you are? I know what you are probably thinking: “Why write something and, when I open it, I already know what’s inside?” Well, it’s not about that; it’s about reminding yourself how important you are on that particular day. It takes away the focus of loneliness by seeing other couples and makes it about you and why you are loved by you. It brings closure because it helps you realize that you have a purpose by yourself and for yourself.

  1. Treat yourself

Go out on that day and treat yourself. Make sure to save up for this day because you have to make you special. Buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. Take yourself out. Take some selfies. Buy those shoes you wanted all year or that really nice suit. Make lots of memories to look back on. I guarantee that you’ll be so engrossed with yourself that you won’t be missing anything or anybody.

  1. Reflect

This is the third and most important step. This is to ensure you never bring yourself back to that depressing stage in your life. So at the end of that day, sit down after your lovely day and reflect on those happy memories that you created. Make sure you keep moving forward, from this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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