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Toronto Dance Theater Brings Captivating House Mix Performance To Playhouse

Last Thursday, Jan. 25, the Toronto Dance Theater performed House Mix at the Fredericton Playhouse.

The popularity of the academy and the impact of their previous shows were reflected in the performance’s high attendance.

The show kicked off with “Martingales,” which focused on the beauty and excitement associated with unpredictability. The set design for this act was simple but eye catching; it comprised of six bright circular white lights aligned in sets of three on different levels.

“Martingales” revolved around a catch game using three balls and the sudden repositioning of the 12 performers. The creation of structured group movements intertwined with sudden individual or paired breaks off was captivating.

The show proceeded with two excerpts: “The Duet” and “The Trio” from “Fjeld. Unlike the music of “Martingales,” which was mixed live, “Fjeld” was choreographed to the music by Arvo Part.

The first part of “Fjeld” was “The Duet,” performed by two women duplicating gentle opposing movements and recreating similar movements after a time lapse. The precision of duplication made it look like the performance was influenced by technological effects.

“The Trio” was less dynamic but still as captivating as “The Duet.” The three men involved in the act moved gracefully into statuesque poses successfully depicting several contrappostos.

“Thirteen” was the third act of House Mix. Compared to the earthy and calm hues of the costumes for the first few acts, in “Thirteen,” the three performers wore long-sleeved, bright orange knee-length shirts and off-white ankle length trousers.

Performing to live music by Johnny Spence, the dancers looked like they were influencing the sound piece with their dynamic bodily movements.

The last two acts of the show, “Echo Dark” and “Vena Cava,” were relatively more fast-paced.  

The costumes for “Echo Dark” had a more dramatic effect; they were dark green suits with wide leg flare pants.

Both “Echo Dark” and “Vena Cava” were very well received with thunderous applause and congratulatory whistles from the audience.

Photo by Toronto Dance Theater.

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