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Fredericton Senate back in action for winter semester

An update on the joint nominating committee for the Office of the President was given at UNB Fredericton Senate on Tuesday evening. UNB president Eddy Campbell will be leaving the position in 2019.

So far the joint nominating committee has met once. To date, the committee has appointed professor emerita Jane Fritz as chair of the president search committee.

The UNBSU in Fredericton and the Students’ Representative council in Saint John have been asked to submit the names of two people to sit on the committee in a non-voting capacity on the committee.

The committee has also began the process of finding a search firm, and will be meeting again after the proposal submission deadline next week.

Chair of anthropology Susan Blair spoke during question period about the importance of transparency within the Senate, asking what the university policies are on releasing information and whether the standards are being met.

MacLean suggested taking this issue to the nominating committee to receive their input, which was agreed upon, but Blair also made it clear that improved policies around transparency were a concern for many senators and that they would be bringing the issue back to Senate in the future.

Presentation on different financial models for alternative program delivery sparks lengthy discussion

Dean of forestry and environmental management Van Lantz, gave a presentation on the draft report of the president’s task force on financial models for alternate program delivery, that led to a lengthy discussion that vice-president George MacLean called “productive”.

According to Lantz, there are many “irregular” programs at UNB that are subject to different tuition rates.The task force was mandated to recommend financial models for four different types of programs.

These programs consist of on-campus/self-funded programs like the master’s in TME program, offshore and out-of-province programs like the bachelor of nursing at Humber College, online programs or courses such as the ones offered by the college of extended learning, or international pathway programs like the program of academic english preparation.

Most of the new models proposed an 80/20 split of revenue to unit/central, with unit defined as the unit delivering the programming, and central interpreted as the UNB administration.

Professor of mathematics Viqar Husain said that the underlying ideological structure “is that a unit will act like a start up, central will act like a venture capitalist, and then the unit as a start up of the program will get to start a new program.”

“A lot of the language is similar to this,” said Husain.

Lantz said that there were “elements of truth” in Husain’s analogy, but says they will be looking for flexibility despite the existence of some “hard rules”, mentioning the existence of programs that might not meet financial requirements but achieve other desires of the university.

“We want to allow in the final recommendations for some innovation for some ways in which we’re not thinking of just the venture capitalist model. Some on the committee feel like we should be running like a business, some feel like we should be doing more than that,” said Lantz.

MacLean chaired last night’s Senate meeting in Campbell’s absence, who is currently representing UNB abroad—India Tuesday, Abu Dhabi Wednesday.

Photo by Maria Araújo

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