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Person with UNB.ca email address claims to be with the NSCLRP

On Friday morning, The Brunswickan received an email from a Sarah Lynn Villeneuve who claims to be the third officer of the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP). Her email address included the UNB.ca domain name.

The NSCLRP is the group that claims to be responsible for the white-supremacist posters found at UNB Fredericton last week.

The Brunswickan reached out by email to Michael Thurlow, the leader of the NSCLRP, to confirm that Villeneuve was who she claimed to be, and included a link to Villeneuve’s Facebook profile. Thurlow confirmed the identity of Villeneuve and said in the email that “[Villeneuve] was recently appointed third officer after a restructuring of the Party’s leadership several weeks ago. She’s been a valuable member for quite some time.”

According to Thurlow, the NSCLRP has been active in New Brunswick for “a rough estimate of 3-6 months.”

“The NSCLRP has been working diligently to grow, and we’ve been very lucky to find a few very motivated individuals in New Brunswick who are working on establishing a branch of The Party in that province,” he said.

In her email, Villeneuve wanted The Brunswickan to run an editorial she had written “in [the NSCLRP’s] defense.” The Brunswickan has chosen not to publish the editorial since it violates the publication’s editorial policy, which says “we may refuse any submission considered by the Editorial Board to be racist, sexist, libellous or in any way discriminatory.”

Villeneuve submitted her letter to the editor under her real name.

The letter contained anti-indigenous and white-supremacist content, similar to what was included on the posters found at UNBF last week:

UPDATED: Founder of National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party says that poster campaign a direct response to UNB posters advertising lecture on ‘Black aboriginal people of colour’

UPDATED: White supremacist posters found on UNB campus

Thurlow said he was aware of Villeneuve’s letter and that he “reviewed the letter and authorized it early [Thursday] night.”

Villeneuve suggested in her editorial that there will be a new poster appearing at UNB. She did not respond to The Brunswickan’s request for an interview.

Should anyone find a poster, it is recommended that they report it to UNB Security.

According to UNB spokesperson David Stonehouse, UNB Security’s investigation into the posters found at UNBF last week continues.


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  1. John Pasho Reply

    Has UNB administration taken any sort of disciplinary action against this person yet? Anything short of immediate expulsion & a ban from campus property is unacceptable, IMHO.

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