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“How dance can transcend through you and others”: Toronto Dance Theatre bringing House Mix to Fredericton

Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by touring across Canada with a unique new work called House Mix. The contemporary dance company will be at the Fredericton Playhouse on Thursday, Jan. 25 at 7.30 p.m as part of FROSTival.

House Mix is a combination of dance pieces created by Christopher House, the artistic director of TDT since 1994. The performance promises to offer an art show that includes both classic and contemporary tones.

The House Mix includes the following creations: Vena Cava, Echo Dark, Early Departures, Martingales, Field Excerpts and Thirteen.

Peter Kelley, a Dance Performance Studies graduate going into his third season as a dancer with TDT, is part of the crew performing House Mix in the Atlantic and Western parts of Canada.

“In dance, the average [the amount of time an art piece is repeated] is about three shows, so the big plus with touring is getting the opportunity to perform work multiple times and invest and discover more in the work,” Kelley said.

While touring allows Kelley to travel with his friends and see various parts of Canada, a hectic schedule and travel fatigue can be challenging. In preparation for upcoming shows, he ensures he has a nutritional diet and adequate sleep to combat body fatigue.

Echo Dark is Kelley’s favourite pick as a performer due to the unique costumes and the qualities of his character in the piece. “It is a really percussive piece and it has lots of surprises and physicality.” He also noted that the fast paced classic Vena Cava is generally the crowd-pleaser.

“[House Mix] would definitely open different possibilities to what dance can be, where dance can live, on and off stage, and how dance can transcend through you and others,” Kelly said.

Photo: Fredericton Playhouse

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