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BREAKING: Racist national party posters found today on UNB campus

White-supremacist posters, this time with the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP) logo on it, have being found around the UNB campus on Friday.

The posters have been found in MacLaggan, Tilley and Carleton Halls. UNB Campus Security is ripping them down as they find them.

The Brunswickan has reached out to Campus Security for comment but did not get one in time for publication.

The Brunswickan has received photos of two types of posters so far. One claims that the posters’ messages contain the opposite of hate speech. The other appears to address the Brunswickan’s article on the posters found at UNB on Tuesday.

“The National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party urges you to consider why the campus has published lies in regard to our poster campaign regarding the issue of aboriginals,” is written at the start of the poster.

The second type of poster. This one found in MacLaggan Hall. | Photo: Matthew Sears


On Thursday, the NSCLRP, an anti-Semitic group, claimed responsibility for the posters found on campus on Tuesday.

Anti-Semitic group claims responsibility for white supremacist posters found on UNB campus

In the email sent to the Brunswickan from the NSCLRP on Thursday, they said they would put up two new posters on campus.

“While our New Brunswick branch made the mistake of failing to attach our Party Name to the posters,  we have since rectified this and will be continuing with the campaign with two new posters which address the poor journalism which has made a mockery of our intended message.”

More to come.

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  1. Rowan Miller Reply

    So all their hideous lies, racism, and fallacies aside, these guys can’t even do Nazism right! Goebbels is rolling in his grave for how terrible these posters are. Where’s the fashion sense?

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