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UPDATED: White supremacist posters found on UNB campus

Staff and faculty were greeted with white supremacist, anti-Indigenization posters when they entered Carleton Hall on the UNB campus Tuesday morning. Posters have since been found at Tilley Hall and the Harriet Irving Library.

In total, 12 posters have been discovered so far and appear to have been put up overnight. Located on numerous message boards, there was only one version of the poster found.

UNB Classics and Ancient History professor Matthew Sears tweeted out a picture of the posters after he was made aware of them by a faculty of arts staff member.

Sears condemned the posters, and in a statement to the Brunswickan, said “not only are these posters ignorant of history (while calling real history ‘slander’), they’re white-supremacists and racist against ‘foreign invaders,’ a veiled reference to Muslim immigrants and refugees.”

“For the honor of our ancestors” is emblazoned in capital letters across the top of the poster, which encourages people to “reject the anti-white narrative being pushed in media and academia.” According to the poster, this is “slander” against the founding Europeans of Canada.

The poster featured an 1871 version of the Canadian Red Ensign, which was a past flag of Canada until 1965 when it was replaced with the maple leaf design.

The text of the poster starts out with what seems to be an anti-Indigenization rant, providing “proof” that the Residential schools were actually beneficial to the First Nations that went to them, and that “Overwhelmingly, Native Americans are beneficiaries, and not victims of the society built by Europeans.”

However, things become confusing when the poster-maker resumes their caps-lock rant to talk of how “the enemy of Canada” is trying to infiltrate through historical lies, and presses Native Americans and Europeans to “join forces” to fight against “the threat posed by the foreign invasion of our lands!”

The Brunswickan has chosen to not show the full poster since it would be further publicizing the white-supremacist message.

Several took to Twitter to express their outrage and their confusion at the posters found:


“Ideas have consequences. Speech has consequences. If we are to make this campus welcoming for Indigenous students, let alone implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, we have to speak up publicly and continually rally against the message contained in these posters,” said Sears.

“I think the UNB administration should lead the way on this.”

According to UNB spokesperson David Stonehouse, UNB Security is currently investigating the posters.

“UNB Security is investigating and these posters are being removed as discovered. UNB is committed to a safe and respectful environment for all members of the community. We encourage and applaud critical thought and respectful dialogue, but do not tolerate disrespect or the marginalization of any group in any form.”

An updated statement was later released on UNB’s social media accounts, adding, “We are disheartened by racist posters that have been found around the Fredericton campus.”

The Fredericton police force is now currently investigating the incident as well.

Other posters found last week in Carleton Hall

Last week four white supremacist posters were found in an accessibility washroom on the second floor of Carleton Hall. These posters were different from the ones posted on Tuesday morning.

The Brunswickan uncovered this in their investigation into the posters found Tuesday morning.

The posters each contained a different message but all contained an anti-immigration message. There was no mention of Indigenous peoples.

The posters refer to a “white genocide” caused by mass immigration policies and that “no other race would endanger their own existence through mass immigration the way whites are.”

However, the posters refer to “genocide” as caused by “forced assimilation,” which is exactly what Europeans did to the original population of North America through the residential school system and other atrocities.

Ironically, when the posters say that this “genocide” is perceived as occurring to whites, it is “the height of folly, a departure of natural law, and a fatal error.”


One of the four posters found in the accessibility washroom on the second floor of Carleton. | Photo: Submitted

Reported by staff in the Faculty of Arts, no other copies of these posters have been reported.

The Brunswickan will update this story as it unfolds.



With files from Emma McPhee

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  1. BL Reply

    Devastated and infuriated. UNB MUST act this time. The handling of the previous incident in the fall of 2017 was egregious and deplorable.

  2. Withheld Reply

    You silly Canadians. It’s so easy to condemn free speech when you are from a country where you have it. The first things the Nazis and the Communists do is take away opposing speech on the grounds that it is “offensive”.

  3. Grace Likos Reply

    I can’t see what is racist or white supremacist about a poster that merely says that the European heritage of Canada should be affirmed and not always portrayed in a negative light as it is in our universities. Who can’t deny that our universities are controlled by leftist profs like Sears? He believes in the suppression of speech for anyone who expresses white identity, while promoting the right of non-whites to express theirs. That’s a double standard, and this poster is pointing this out. Anyways, what is a Classics professor politicizing his classes, demanding that all his students reject this poster including other professors? He clearly has a pathological desire to control and manipulate ideas he doesn’t agree with.

    1. Reid Lodge Reply

      The posters don’t call for the positive representation of Canada’s European heritage at all. They call the existence of other cultures in Canada an “invasion of our lands” that must be rejected by white and native people. They outright deny the atrocities of residential schools, stating that only “isolated cases” of abuse occurred, and that “Native Americans are overwhelmingly beneficiaries” of the residential school system. They are very clearly racist.

      1. Grace Likos Reply

        It is not racist to dispute the mandated interpretation of the residential schools and the continuous negative interpretation of the great things whites accomplish in Canada. The natives were not saints but all too human, and we can overcome past injustices without demonizing white people. Sears is a white privileged guy, while the guys who put up these posters are likely marginalized whites, and have to hide from intolerant people like you.

  4. Luc Theriault Reply

    Is there also a bit of anti-French aspect in this poster? I have not seen a picture of all of it. It might be racist and discriminatory to more than one group. It seems that according to the poster’s makers only White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are considered real Canadians. Colonialism is alive and well!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Free speech is important no matter the subject matter. Im not arguing for this message, despite living in the area and following this story this is he closest I have come to seeing any ammount of discussion as to the actual subject matter of this elleged prppaganda. Its impossible to make an informed decision on the matter or discuss anything in an open manner due to cencorship. If an idea doesnt have legs it will die on the grapevine. When you repress an idea and force people into idealogical bubbles all you accomplish is breeding extremism on both ends. It makes me sad that our educational institution can actually be afraid of an idea.

    1. Reid Lodge Reply

      What you are seeing is the death of an idea that has no legs. Nobody here is afraid of these ideas – that’s why we’re the ones using our real names.

  6. T.W. Reply

    I’m not exactly sure how French-Native alliances against British imperialists are meant to be a rallying point for the descendants of those same British. The creator of the poster barely has a grasp on Canadian history, let alone the complex issue that is immigration and integration. The creator just comes off as an emotional, idealistic idiot.

  7. JR Reply

    The racist undercurrent of the student population at UNB is the first reason why my daughter transferred to another university. The second reason, is because of the lack of action the university took to protect her and the lack of punitive measures against her relentless assailant. This young, vile and despicable criminal is still at large vomiting racist rants against innocent women and beautiful people of colour.

    As her father, this saddens me egregiously for two reasons. The first, because no one of colour, creed, or gender should be treated as abhorrently as she was. The second, because UNB is the home of my first degree. At that time the university was a welcoming, wholesome institution. If left untouched, this evil spawning will grow until it becomes impossible for the institution to do anything about it.

    1. Grace Likos Reply

      There is nothing racist about being proud of your heritage, culture and colour of your skin and that includes being white. Why is it ok for you (academics) to tell whites they should feel ashamed of who they are?

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