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Theatre UNB presents Cats, Cockatoos and Caca this week at Memorial Hall

Starting Thursday, Nov. 30 through Saturday, Dec. 2, 12 Theatre UNB students will be performing Cats, Cockatoos, and Caca: Two Plays by Eugene Ionesco. The show will be presented nightly at 7.30 p.m. in Memorial Hall.

Directed by Len Falkenstein, the students will present “Jack (The Submission)” and “The Bald Soprano.” According to Falkenstein, Ionesco is famous in the realm of absurdist theatre.

Falkenstein has directed over 30 Theatre UNB plays, and feels that the big and outrageous characters from Ionesco’s plays give the actors more creative freedom.

“I’m doing these plays with my second year acting class, and I chose the plays in large part because they are fun, funny, accessible and offer great opportunities for actors at that level,” said Falkenstein.

“The Bald Soprano” was the first play Ionesco wrote. It satirizes bourgeois society, turning a dull dinner into an eventful one through the Fire Chief’s visit, intriguing stories and romance.

Sarah Dubois, a student taking Drama 2173 at UNB, will be playing Mrs. Smith in “The Bald Soprano.” Dubois mentioned that the class has been working on physical movement for this play, and it is reflecting well in their performances.

“There are some amazingly detailed monologues in ‘Bald Saprano.’ For this reason, other cast members and myself took a great deal of time just to remember these lines,” said Dubois.

Dubois feels that “The Bald Saprano” questions conventionality, and she is hoping that the play can provoke thoughts and curiosity among the audience.

“InJack, or the Submission,’ a family is thrown into turmoil over their son’s disdain for hashed brown potatoes and his obstinate rejection of the bride they have chosen for him, on the grounds that she is too pretty and does not have enough noses,” said Falkenstein in a press release.

According to Falkenstein, finding the characters’ motivations was the biggest challenge due to the absurdist world they live in. Despite that, he said he finds the plots intriguing—and noted that the audience should prepare themselves for some surprises.

“[This will] possibly [be] an experience unlike any other they’ve encountered in a theatre before, and a lot of amazing performances—both comic and dramatic—[come] from a cast of 12 really excellent and committed actors.”

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