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Gallery 78: NB’s Oldest Private Gallery Showcases Local, Atlantic Art

Gallery 78 is New Brunswick’s oldest private art gallery. A family-run business, it features around 80 local artists from all across Atlantic Canada. Local landscapes and landscapes from abroad, still-lifes and various other subjects line its walls. The Gallery also displays pieces from several different mediums—including various types of paint, photography, jewelry, pastels and prints. Interestingly, all of the artwork on display is for sale.

When driving through downtown Fredericton, Gallery 78 is hard to miss. It is a huge, creamy-maroon coloured early-20th century home on Queen Street. The outside is marked with intricate wood detailing and stained glass windows.

The original details of the house continue inside, where you will find large stone fireplaces and original wooden staircases that transport you from room to room. There is art everywhere—in each room and even on the walls lining the staircase. All of these pieces are lit up by large windows overlooking the Saint John River.

The gallery circulates the displayed artwork once a month. Some of the main features currently on display in the gallery’s lower level are local artists Rejent Roy and Jason Nugent. Roy’s Life’s Seasons is a series of paintings showcasing northern New Brunswick landscapes. Nugent’s work is a body of photographs taken during his camping trips in the outskirts of places like Scotland and Iceland. The gallery even houses a local artist, David McKay, and gallery-goers can watch him work.

You may find the prices of pieces at the art gallery are out of your student budget. Luckily, the gallery will have a holiday exhibited called Christmas Choice. The goal is to display some smaller, more affordable pieces that may be given as gifts—either for yourself or your loved ones. Featured artwork will range in style and medium, so you will be sure to find that perfect something for all the art lovers in your life.

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