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Beloved Canadian Comedians Bringing Kenny vs Spenny Live Show to Fredericton

Their show may have ended in 2010, but the rivalry between Kenny and Spenny lives on.

Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice—or, as they’re better-known to comedy fans, Kenny and Spenny—rose to fame with their comedy series Kenny vs Spenny. The show, which aired for six seasons and a Christmas special, centered on the two real-life friends competing against one another in a ridiculous challenge (for instance: “Who can stay awake the longest?”), with each episode ending in the loser being forced to complete a humiliating punishment—often at the personal expense of Rice in particular.

“As long as people laugh…why not. My mental health takes a back seat to entertainment,” he said.

Along the way, the duo and their self-created show would earn numerous accolades: it was nominated for multiple media awards, including the Canadian Comedy Awards and the Geminis; it spawned several international adaptations; and, perhaps most impressively, it attracted the attention and praise of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who eventually came on as executive producers.

Now, the pair are touring Atlantic Canada as part of a nationwide tour, with a stop at the Delta Ballroom in Fredericton on Nov. 9. At each stop, the live show grants Kenny and Spenny “an opportunity to set their story straight in a way they couldn’t do on TV,” with bickering, aggression, audience-interaction and live humiliation.

“People should come check out the live show because it offers the audience a chance to hear and see the reality of our dysfunction in a different context,” Rice said. “It’s something we couldn’t do on TV because of time and content.”

Rice promised that the live performance will contain many of the familiar elements of the TV show that fans have come to know and love.

“People can expect insecure Kenny vying for the audience’s love, while I rail against the end of civility, literacy and thoughtfulness. In short: a train wreck,” he joked.

The live show is not just for those familiar with the pair, however, but for anyone with a good sense of humour. After all, as Rice noted, those unfamiliar with their previous antics “might actually be smart enough to see through Kenny’s BS,” throwing shade at his partner to emphasize the duo’s friendly-but-competitive rivalry.

Although the show first debuted over a decade ago, Rice feels that the humour he and Holtz offer would always do well, regardless of the time and place.

“It taps into ubiquitous human areas: relationships, competitions, ethics, philosophy,” he said, then added, “And sadly, most importantly, poop humour.”

The Kenny vs Spenny Live Tour hits the Delta Ballroom Nov. 9 at 7:00 p.m.

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