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Letter to the editor: Santiago el Grande

The paintings of Salvador Dalί, extravagant and exorbitant Spanish painter (1904-1989) were emblematic for Surrealism. One of Dalί’s masterworks, Santiago el Grande (the patron Saint of Spain), is housed at the Beaverbrook Gallery in Fredericton. How did this world famous painting end up in New Brunswick? Well, Dalί sold Santiago el Grande after its exhibition in Brussels to Lady Beaverbrook, who in turn donated it to the gallery in 1959.

I arranged a guided tour for my students in the Comparative Cultural Studies course to view Dalί’s painting on Oct. 31—the latest of many annual visits taking CCS students to see this work. It was a real treat! Many thanks to Gerry and the Beaverbrook Gallery’s staff.

My personal belief is that a trip to the Beaverbrook Gallery and viewing Dalί’s painting are a ‘must’ for all UNB students. If you are interested, please e-mail me at ahamling@unb.ca by Nov. 30 and I will organize a guided tour in January 2018. For free!

Anna Hamling

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