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Sally Armstrong talks GIRL TALK as part of UNB Associated Alumnae lecture series

On Thursday, Oct. 26, UNB alumnae lecture series featured Sally Armstrong; internationally acclaimed journalist, activist and author.

Held at the Wu Conference Centre, her talk entitled, “You Can Too!” covered her experiences as a journalist and activist for women and education in the frontlines of Bosnia, Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East.

“A new age is rising for every mother’s daughter,” said Armstrong about the state of our current social political world. Assuring the audience that, even though the voices of sexist politicians seem to be bombarding mainstream media, “there is nothing like a good bully to excite some action.”

She said that women are gaining a voice louder than before, a phenomenon she coined as ‘Girl Talk’. Girls are now speaking to each other, publicly and in the political sphere about issues and discrimination that women are facing worldwide.

Armstrong carried on to say how worldwide, women are becoming the changemakers of our generation—describing legacies of brave women worldwide that left the crowd in tears and silence.

“It seems like a pretty good time to be a Canadian; but still in Canada where we have some of the best laws, police and awareness campaigns, there is still violence against women, so what is it going to take to end the violence?” said Armstrong.

“The most powerful thing is your voice,” says Armstrong, and Girl Talk is empowering women to create change through their own personal will.

Women are letting go of the fear that has been used against them to oppress them and embracing the idea that “I can,” to which Armstrong says, “You can too.”


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