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Harrison hosts annual pumpkin sacrifice

UNB students got to participate in a sacrifice this Tuesday—a pumpkin sacrifice, that is.

UNB is home to many residences that each hold diverse traditions, some of which have occurred for several years. One very unique tradition is Harrison House’s Pumpkin Sacrifice, more commonly referred to as PSAC. This year in particular was quite special as it was the 45th annual Pumpkin Sacrifice.

Harrison proctors and veterans of PSAC, Natasha Williamson and Samuel Crete have been part of this tradition for two years and strongly believe that this event instills a powerful sense of community amongst residents of UNB.

“This is the 45th year of the Pumpkin Sacrifice, so it’s the longest running tradition in Canadian universities,” said Williamson.

Williamson said that she cannot share details of the event since PSAC is known for being a secretive tradition that Harrison residents alone are privy to.

The only information she would divulge is that “the precession of the pumpkin starts at 9 p.m. with students walking across campus, all performing different roles worshipping their pumpkin, working their way back to Harrison to sacrifice it [the pumpkin] from their back roof.”

Crete said that PSAC strengthens Harrison residents’ bond, but that they have also worked hard to ensure it is an inclusive event for all UNB students to take part in.

“We’re really grateful that we can still have [PSAC] because it has had a turbulent history, but both the university and Harrison have done a lot to make sure it’s a safe, fun and involved experience for all residents,” Williamson said.

Kaylee Gauthier, a first-year student in Tibbits residence, observed this when she watched the long-running tradition on Tuesday night.

“I can really see how it really brings a sense of community to UNB and to Harrison,” Gauthier said.

Shanece Wilson, a proctor at Neville-Jones, said that this was her third year watching PSAC unfold.

“You learn something new about it every year and it’s a great opportunity for first-year students from different residences to experience the excitement of the tradition,” said Wilson.

Kordell Walsh, a first-year student living in Harrison house, thoroughly enjoyed the festivities as well: “It was a really awesome experience and I can’t wait to be part of it again next year.

“It brought people from all houses together to see it and take part in it and offers everyone a chance to come together as a whole and experience the event.”

Photos by Maria Araujo.

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