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Fall Fashion Tips

My fashion tips for students:

1) Prioritize shape and cut. No matter how much you like a bright colour or a certain fabric, if the cut of a garment does not suit your body type it is hard to justify purchasing it. Some people prefer clothes that are form-fitting, while others prefer something looser.  Whatever your preference, just be careful about the extremes: clothes that are extremely tight or extremely baggy are harder to pull off, and it’s less likely you’ll wear these clothes as often.

2) With tip #1 in mind, ALWAYS try stuff on. Even if you know your size at a specific store, every garment has a unique fit and you need to make sure the cut sits properly on your body.

3) Choose a couple of fashion icons. They could be celebrities, Instagrammers or other students you see on campus. If your fashion icons share your body type, you can keep their style in mind when you’re shopping for new clothes. The goal is not to completely copy their look—you still want to be you! But it’s nice to find sources of inspiration whose style choices make you go, “Hey, I never thought of doing that but it looks great, I should try that!”

4) Set a clothing budget each month. This will give you the freedom to purchase a few new items without worrying about how much you’re spending, but it will also help stop you from going overboard. You’ll be forced to look at your budget and decide which pieces you’ll actually wear, and which pieces just looked nice in the store. Honestly, budgeting is actually an awesome way to cut down on the clutter in your closet, since the only clothes you’ll be purchasing are the ones you really, really enjoy wearing. And when your closet is filled with clothes you want to wear, it’s way easier to piece outfits together. If you hate shopping for clothes, a monthly clothing budget is an easy way to update your look every once in a while without having to sacrifice an entire Saturday at the mall. One last important note about this one: do NOT create a separate clothing budget for online shopping. If you order online, don’t bother going to the mall: your clothing budget is gone for the month.

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