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ISAO Annual Party Offered a Halloween Experience

The International Student Advisor’s Office (ISAO) hosted their annual Halloween party last Friday at the Alumni Memorial Building. The ISAO team and their volunteers worked on an elaborate carnival-themed party to deliver an entertaining Halloween experience to international students.

This party was Hilary Nguyen’s first major event as international student advisor at ISAO. She described the excitement and apprehensions being an event planner as being “mostly concerned that people might not have known about the event and would miss out this amazing opportunity to meet other students.”

The alumni ballroom was transformed into a mini carnival with seven distinctly fun booths coupled with spooky music and Halloween decorations. Mini string lights and electronic candles brightened the room and pumpkins carved by students the day before were brought in for a vote on best carved pumpkin.

One of the most popular booths throughout the evening was The Caricature Sketching booth. This booth was set up to give the attendees a memorable token from the party. Within the time constraint, Mai Tran, the caricature artist, was able to do fifteen sketches. She ventured away from realistic drawing and used her personal sketching style, which is influenced by Japanese Manga. “I hope people can see how beautiful they are through my sketching style, ” she said.

Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Hunt booth was hosted by Dean Martin, senior director of student life, and Troy Martin. At this booth, attendees rolled a dice to determine the fishing rod that would help them win a prize. Due to this booth, all students were guaranteed to win at least one prize through the night!

I was very impressed by the tarot card reader booth; my first-time readings by Victoria, Paul and Sam left me feeling quite startled. Paul focused on using the cards to reply to a personal question while Sam focused on “forecast.” I did approach this booth just for fun but left feeling that “energy flow” is most certainly real.

UNB’s international immigration student advisor, Jason MacFarlane, explained that “a lot of students leave the event with their first Halloween experience,” which indicates why this event is particularly integral to the UNB experience for students who have not witnessed Halloween celebrations on a large scale.

Look out for the upcoming events being by ISAO in November, including Nov. 10’s Hockey Night and, in partnership with STU’s International Office, a Winter Fashion Show on Nov. 24, which will showcase appropriate clothing required to survive the dreaded Canadian Winters.

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