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Michaelene Motivation: On Failure

About Me: My name is Michaelene Toussaint, a fellow UNB student based in Trinidad and Tobago. I have been given the opportunity of having my own column in the Brunswickan—all thanks to editor-in-chief, Emma McPhee. To tell you about myself, I’d say I am simply a person trying to make the world a better place. As an aspiring motivational speaker, I strive to help people understand and survive life with a different perspective, thinking about it and ultimately moving towards it. As such, my column, “Michaelene Motivation,” will be geared towards the aforementioned. I would love for it to be an interactive one, so feel free to leave comments, feedback, suggestions and queries— you can address any issue! You can contact me by email at toussaintisis@gmail.com.

Today’s Message:

“What has God taught me from failure?

If you had to be honest with yourself, how would you answer this question? Most of us might think it’s ridiculous—I mean, failure is definitely not a good thing and nothing good can be taught from it. Maybe it’s divine punishment?

If I had to answer it, I would say that failure is needed to find strength you didn’t have before. That’s why you failed, but now you have the strength to overcome what you thought was impossible.

You see, my dear friends, if life was easy, experiences would not be appreciated. It takes a fall to gain the strength not to fall again—even if it’s in the same place.

When God gives us failure, it’s not because he hates us—and I think that “failure” isn’t even the right word. But when a stepping stone is placed in our path, it’s a definite sign to prepare for what is ahead—to not continue the path with the same exuberance, but to increase your pace and meet the trials ahead. If not, all we would ever be is disappointed. If we are always prepared for anything that poses as a “challenge,” though, then we are always going to be ready—no matter what comes!

It’s easy to succumb to the pain of failure and say “I give up,” but if you did that then did you really try in the first place?

Honestly, if someone asked me how you really learn, I would say “not only by education but by experience.”

Failure creates experience so you can learn a lesson—which in turn allows you to look out for or jump over the same obstacles that caused you to crash in the first place. Failure is the preparation so that the next time, you will win and not lose.

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