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Calithumpians host after-dark tour through haunted Fredericton

Halloween is just around the corner and the Haunted Hike, hosted by The Calithumpians Theatre Company, is ready to give you a proper scare!

The Haunted Hike is a guided after-dark tour around downtown Fredericton led by a group of actors in period costumes. Throughout the lantern-lit tour, you meet the ghosts of historic figures from Fredericton’s past and experience “spine-tingling frights and rib-tickling laughs.”

Peter Pacey, Fredericton actor, producer, director and founder of Calithumpians, said the hour-and-a-half tour has been entertaining people of all ages for over 20 years.

The Haunted Hike season began right after Thanksgiving and will end with this Friday’s and Saturday’s tours.

This weekend “ties down with Halloween, and [the tour] includes some history of Fredericton and stories of various ghosts who have haunted the area; also, for this year there’s a bit of a whodunnit murder mystery aspect to the tour,” Pacey explained.

In the beginning, various actions by the tour guides and performers lead to someone being “murdered,” and it’s up to the participants to solve it! Pacey wouldn’t comment on whether the mystery was based on a real murder case.

Pacey promised that the tour is a family event and no violence takes place—rather, it’s more focused on “talking about, imagining and recreating elements of various ghost sightings, […] so there’s the element of surprise, some chilling scary stories as well as humour.”

“It’s a very entertaining hour-and-a-half exploring the haunted area of downtown Fredericton, [which] we like to call the ‘after dark scary eerie area,’ because there are a lot of ghosts that haunt the streets, [surrounding] houses and buildings,” he said.

The tours will take place on Friday, Oct. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m., though Pacey recommends arriving at 6:45. The hike starts from The Coach House, 796 Queen St., at the corner of Church and Queen Streets behind Gallery 78. Reservations are not required unless you are planning on going with a group of ten or more. Tickets are $14 for adults and $9 for children.

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