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UNBSU considers running their elections through a third party after this year’s issues

The issues with the UNBSU’s recent by-election were a main topic discussed at council on Sunday.

While the by-election results were supposed to be available on Saturday morning, as of Sunday night’s meeting, they were still not up. It is thought to have been caused by a glitch in the voting system, which is done through UNB e-services.

Chief Returning Officer Matthew Poirier started this discussion by going over the details surrounding the by-election, and assuring the council that he would contact UNB ITS on Monday morning in order to get the by-election results online and working as soon as possible.

Along with acknowledging the low voter turnout at 7 per cent, SU president Herbert Bempah also addressed the fact that the results were not yet posted online.

“We’ve always had challenges with ITS,” he said, and suggested that the council look into running the election through a third party system that may prove to be more effective.

“It makes it really hard for a student organization to look legitimate,”said vice-president advocacy Madi Banks, acknowledging some of the issues surrounding the by-election.

Unfortunately, running it through a third party system would cost more money. Estimates at the council meeting ranged from $2000 to $3000. However, vice-president finance Grayson Beairsto said that it was unlikely that students fees would be raised in order to pay for this third party system.

The Student Union unanimously agreed to send this idea to the advancement committee.

UNBSU discusses position statement on hate propaganda

This week’s meeting also brought an update regarding the UNBSU’s position statement in response to hate propaganda posted on UNB and STU campuses just a few weeks prior.

The proposal and original potential position statement, created by social inclusion councillor Abram Lutes, had already been put through to the Policy and Advancement Committee.

Councillor Seshu Iyengar has taken a considerable role in working on the position statement. Council considered the revised position to be an improvement, and a positively phrased amendment was passed.

Councillor Jackie Toner proposed that the UNBSU should draft their own code of conduct, and spoke about how this would help ensure that the council behaves in a way that is contributing positively to other students.

“We have a huge opportunity to make a lasting impact and a positive impact on that community,” saaid Toner.

A motion to move this proposal to the Policy and Advancement Committee was passed.

Other announcements and updates from the SU at the meeting included working to improve the current availability of tutors, the upcoming wellness week, the second open meeting of Qmunity being held Oct. 16 in SUB 103 at 6 p.m. and the free breakfast Fridays that the SU plans on having bi-weekly in SUB 103 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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