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UNBSU by-election results

The results of the UNBSU by-election were finally released Monday morning, after a system glitch prevented the release on Saturday.

Of the four candidates running for senator positions, Craig Fernandez, Olivia Hamilton, Haley MacIsaac, and Jeremy Thomas Slayter, the former three won the three seats, with Hamilton leading the group at 214 votes.

All students that were running for the position of student representative on the Beverage Services Board of Directors—Emily Elsan, Madison Beairsto and Chris McGinn—acquired seats, with McGinn getting the most votes at 99.

For Computer Science councillor, Téa Fazio won the yes/no vote with 32 votes yes and 0 votes no.

For Education councillor, Mariacristina De Rose won the yes/no vote with three votes yes and 0 votes no.

For Indigenous councillor, Ryan Wallace also won the yes/no vote with 286 votes yes and 10 votes no.

Finally, for the Board of Governors, Student Union president Herbert Bempah won the yes/no vote with 320 votes yes and 6 votes no.

The plebiscite at the end of the vote saw 342 students voting yes in support of the UNB Student Union advocating for bringing Open Education Resources to UNB, with only 5 students voting no.

Despite the results being up, as of the morning of Oc. 16 there were still a few glitches, such as the Computer Science vote appearing to be 1 to 0 when its really 32 to 0 and Téa Fazios name not appearing on screen.

This by-election had a relatively low voter turnout of 7 per cent, with 369 votes cast of the 5261 students that had been registered to vote in the system.

Last year’s by-election had a much higher turnout at 23.1 per cent, which was credited to the Fall Reading Week plebiscite that ran concurrently with the elections.

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