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Change in rate means UNBSU will now promote the Student Legal Information Centre

Have you been summoned to court? Struggling with a sketchy landlord? You might want to check out the Student Legal Information Centre here at UNB.

The Student Legal Information Centre (SLIC) is a free and confidential service available to UNB undergraduate students through the Student Union. Those who work at the SLIC are familiar with law and able to provide legal information regarding numerous issues.

Though the SLIC service is confidential, some issues that they’ve worked on include landlord-tenant issues, matters of employment, what to do when you’ve been summoned to court and seeking information in regard to filing a lawsuit.

SLIC senior coordinator, Brittany Goodwin, knows that these kinds of things can be confusing for students to handle on their own.

“A lot of people just don’t know what their first steps are or what information’s important, what’s not, because there’s a lot of things coming at you at once and it’s sometimes hard to sift through what you should be looking at, so that’s some of the guidance that we can provide here,” said Goodwin.

Unfortunately, many students likely have no idea this service exists. There’s little information regarding the service on campus or on social media, and last year only 14 students utilized the SLIC.

According to UNBSU president Herbert Bempah, the lack of promotion around the SLIC was due to their hourly rates. Because SLIC was so expensive to run, the UNBSU didn’t advertise the service much to students.

“We realized that we could not adequately promote this services, as it was more costly to run per hour basis,” said Bempah.

Goodwin says that last year the SLIC underwent a restructuring process where they now run on a flat rate, instead of an hourly rate, making it less expensive for the UNBSU to provide. Goodwin said that this year they hope to double the amount of students using the service.  

“The payment method for SLIC changed from an hourly to flat rate to benefit multiple students,” said Bempah. “The flat rate allows us to accommodate and serve multiple students without worrying about incurring over budgeted costs.”

With the SLIC being a part of the Student Union’s new rebranding, Goodwin hopes that more students will begin using the service than before.

“We actually are going to be launching our new logo and that will allow us to kind of create some more marketing, like different handouts, different posters… Goodwin said.

“We’re hoping to partner with the radio station at some point. We’re also going to be having monthly information sessions that will be advertised a few weeks in advance around campus.”

Bempah also hopes that SLIC’s rebranding will lead to more students being aware of the service.

“We are very excited to share this revamped legal service to our students,” Bempah said.

“There are already a few sessions planned for students, of which SLIC and the SU hope to promote via our social media pages and posters very soon.”

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