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UNBSU rebrands, some students confused

The UNB Student Union announced their new branding Tuesday morning, after posting a mysterious countdown on social media last week.

The new UNBSU logo

Media introducing the new branding—a colourful, clean square logo—plus swag featuring the replacement of the familiar red twinkling Student Union symbol filled the bottom floor of the SUB atrium.

The UNB Student Union has been hyping a big announcement for the past week or so—mysterious posters across campus and posts on social media have been a couple of the methods used to catch students’ attention.

UNBSU Marketing manager Richard Du said the rebrand was born from an idea the executive team had in the summer.

“We came to the conclusion that a rebrand was really appropriate to kind of serve as a foundation for introducing all these new initiatives from the Student Union…it represents our new objectives and our new values that were introduced in our Action Plan 2020,” said Du.

Photo: Maria Araujo

UNBSU president Herbert Bempah was present at the launch and was excited for both the new branding and marketing campaign, but also the release of the Student Union’s Action Plan 2020, which was available in print at the event. Other notable guests at the event included senior director of Residential Life Dean Martin as well as UNB vice-president academic George MacLean.

Some students, such as UNBSU volunteer Ali Balcom expressed enthusiasm for the SU’s new look and plans for expansion and exposure.

“I think the Student Union offers a lot to students but it’s kind of been flying under the radar the past few years, so it’s really exciting to see it illuminate again and everyone can understand what services and events are provided by the Student Union,” said Balcom.

The UNBSU brand book and Action Plan 2020 were also available to pick up at the event. | Photo: Maria Araujo

However, other students who aren’t involved in the UNBSU—the target audience—were a little unsure about the rebrand. In fact, the event in the SUB atrium did not draw a large crowd of non-SU students.

Malory Forbes, a third year engineering student, was confused about all of the new, different colours introduced by the rebrand.

“I understand the idea behind the new modeling, but I don’t like the new logo because it’s not UNB’s traditional colours. Like, I don’t get what the point is.”

According to Du, the reasoning behind the more colourful branding was because the UNBSU actually wanted to be more relatable to students.

“[The new brand] is all about giving a friendly, approachable look while representing that diversity and the passions that all UNB students have,” he said.

Others, such as first year law student Shea MacLaughlin, appreciated the UNBSU’s effort.

“I think it’s great to see our Student Union recommitting to diversity and acceptance in the greater community and I’m excited to see where the rebranding takes us,” MacLaughlin said.

Du feels that this new brand will relate to students more than the old one, which he said had no clear meaning behind it—at least not to anyone’s knowledge.

“We’re really hoping to be more approachable, and a key message we want to get across with this new brand is that we want all students to unite under it.”

The new logo and branding will replace all the UNBSU’s old branding and logos. | Photo: Maria Araujo

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