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UPDATED: DKT cafeteria closed until tomorrow morning

According to senior residence dining manager Stacie Cougle, the Lady Dunn, Joy Kidd and Tibbits (DKT) dining hall will not be reopened until breakfast tomorrow morning. This was despite earlier hopes that the cafeteria would be opened “later today.”

Cougle said that they are delaying the reopening in order to ensure that everything is sanitized and clean.

Due to mechanical issues, a sprinkler went off at around 7:40 on Tuesday morning, causing a fire alarm and evacuation of the DKT residence complex. The sprinkler also caused some flooding, according to an email by Dean Martin, director of UNB residential life. There was no fire.

Residents of DKT were left outside for about 20 minutes after a fire alarm went off at around 7:40 this morning. The fire department came, and while students were allowed back into their residences, the DKT dining hall remains closed.

Martin also mentioned in his email to DKT residents that many people did not evacuate the building when the alarm went off.

“Please note it is imperative that you evacuate as soon as you hear an alarm,” Martin said. “Fortunately it was not a real emergency, but this may not have been the case.”

Some of the Sodexo employees from the DKT dining hall have been moved to McConnell Hall for the day. One employee was sent home because she was soaked by the sprinkler.


With files from Emma MacDonald and Maria Araujo

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