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“Make art. Reel fast:” The 10th Annual 48 Hour Film Festival

For the 10th year in a row, filmmakers will gather in Fredericton for the 48 Hour Film Competition later this month, Oct. 13-15.

Organized by UNB’s Department of English and the New Brunswick Film Co-op, the competition challenges local filmmakers to write, shoot and edit short films in only two days.

According to the competition’s organizer, Jon Dewar, the event will follow the same structure as previous years.

It will start with a kick-off meeting where participants are given an “inspiration package,” which lists items and a location that must be included in the final product, followed by 48 hours for the teams to work on the film, before culminating in a screening and awards gala. No previous experience is required to participate.

“What’s unique about this year is that it’s the tenth annual. It’s a big thing that this has been going on for so long,” Dewar said.

Dewar first got involved as a participant in 2012—and after four years of attending the competition, he decided to work as an organizer.

While people usually look forward to the finish products and the effort that goes into them, what Dewar finds most interesting is the first meet-up.

“There’s really great energy, eagerness and anticipation in the air,” he said.

When Ty Giffin, UNB media arts honours student, first participated in 2014, he didn’t know anything about the competition.

“My friends just asked me if I wanted to join and we showed up on a Friday, [where] we were given the inspiration package,” he said.

Their package included Sussex as the location for inspiration. “You don’t really need to go there. One time the location was the moon, so you can do it metaphorically,” Giffin explained.

But when the team members got their hometown as the inspiration location, they knew they could not do it metaphorically. They got up early on Saturday morning, drove to Sussex and set up shop on the top of a hill where only one tree stands.

“It’s really fun […] you have to rush around and get the filming done pretty much in that one day so you can edit it on Sunday,” he said.

The silent film, titled “Collision,” follows two people that run into each other and end up falling in love. They won the Best Film award that year.

“It was the best way to start my time at The 48, I guess.”

Giffin participated the following year and will be participating again this year. “I’m excited for that,” he said.

This will be the first entry for Curtis Fraser Brewster, third year media arts and culture student at UNB. “I finally decided to do it this year because it [is] time to start actually […] making movies outside of class. Get some real practice,” he said.

Brewster expects the shooting and editing to be hectic, but looks forward to the experience with his friends.

“It seems like a really good way to get a sense of what everybody is capable [of doing with their creativity] when they’re really pushed to the edge in a short amount of time,” he said.

The application deadline for participants to sign up is Oct. 11. The shooting begins Friday, Oct. 13 and the film must be submitted by Sunday, Oct. 15. The screening and awards gala will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Centre Communautaire St. Anne.

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