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UNB places time capsule to be opened in 50 years

A crowd gathered at the front of the new kinesiology building on Thursday for a unique sight: the placement of a time capsule in the cornerstone of the building to be sealed for the next 50 years.

After it was announced that the Lady Beaverbook Gym, the original home of the kinesiology faculty, would be decommissioned once the new building was complete, the Alumni Office proposed the time capsule project as a way to commemorate the old building while also celebrating the new one.

The UNB community pooled together to contribute a variety of interesting items for the time capsule— pictures of the items were on display at a small gathering in the LB Gym following the time capsule ceremony.

The items ranged from an old Varsity Reds bomber jacket to a 3D-printed whistle. Michael Methot, who graduated from the kinesiology department just last year, said his favourite item was an old brick from the LB Gym.

“I think the brick is really cool because it’s just an artifact from the building that has been here for so long,” he said.

The time capsule was placed into the cornerstone of the new building by UNB president Eddy Campbell, who joked, “As a mathematician, I know the chances I will be here in a half-century to celebrate the opening of the time capsule are remote,” before adding, “but I’m proud to be a part of UNB’s history as we look towards its future.”

For some alumni it was equal parts nostalgia and curiosity that drew them to the event. Kinesiology graduate Chantelle Hanley said, “I just wanted to come back and see [the old building] and feel the vibe and see where everything is going.”

The event highlighted the impact a person’s university years can have on an individual, and the long-lasting connection that is established with their alma mater as a result.

“Kinesiology still holds a strong place in my heart, so I still want to stay involved and see how the program’s going,” said Methot.

The time capsule is slated to be opened in 2067, Canada’s 200th birthday. Only time will tell what world we will be living in by then, and what people will make of the time capsule’s contents.

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