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Council approves “Our Action Plan 2020” in SU meeting

The UNB Student Union had a lengthy meeting at the SUB on Sunday night as the executive team presented what they’d been working on over the summer.

Presentations included “Our Action Plan 2020”, a  three-year strategic plan that focuses on four key objectives: clear, effective programming; quality, relevant programming; opportunities for students; and a bold, active voice.

Within their strategic plan, the UNBSU executive also presented a more in-depth annual plan, which provided some detail on the various initiatives the UNBSU will be pursuing this year.

These initiatives align with the objectives laid out in the strategic plan, and include the expansion of the Safe Ride program, an active campus fund, an extension of the class drop date deadline and a website revamp.

The motion to approve Our Action Plan 2020 and the annual plan was passed, but not before concerns were raised in-council, particularly about the duration of the action plan, which some councillors felt was presumptuous since the current council will be gone after this academic year.

Besides the projects that will directly feed into the four objectives laid out in the strategic plan, the UNBSU presented other projects for this year. Among them are a new online clothing store, an improved Frost week and increased opportunities for student networking.  

UNBSU budget discussed

Other items on the agenda Sunday night included an update on the UNBSU’s current textbook campaign and an examination of this year’s revised budget.

The UNBSU’s budget is made up largely of student fees, which are charged alongside tuition costs each semester.

The other large contributor to the SU budget comes in the form of sponsorships, the majority of which come from the Safe Ride program—the UNBSU’s most expensive, but also most utilized service.

One of the most noticeable changes in the Student Union budget this semester is an increase in legal fees, since the UNBSU has switched from paying an hourly rate for the Student Legal Information Centre to a flat rate. Vice-president finance, Grayson Beairsto, said that this change will increase the UNBSU’s capacity to promote legal services to students.

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