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Tie pulls Red’s out of scoreless slump

Coming off of losses at the start of the season, the women’s soccer team ended the weekend on a high note.

“We just have to do those little things,” said head coach Jonathan Crossland after the home-opener against the Cape Breton University Capers.

After the 3-0 loss to the Capers, the team was disheartened and frustrated because the game was their third straight loss, causing their record to be 0-0-3 going into the rest of the weekend.

“I feel like it was really, really good in the first half ,” said fourth year Rachael Burton.

“We were defending our butts off, and then second half we came out, we were really strong … And then the wheels just fell off and they got their first goal, and we couldn’t really come back from it.”

Fourth-year Keona Simmonds of CBU kicked off scoring in the 57th minute, starting a 15-minute stint that the Reds were unable to respond to. Third-year Ciera Disipio scored in the 65th minute, then rookie Rachel Leck scored 73rd minute to earn CBU’s third win of the regular season.

“It is frustrating—we’re shooting ourselves in the foot in a lot of ways,” said Crossland.

“We’re causing our own problems,” he said. “It’s fixable, preventable things that are causing us trouble.”

Crossland believes that the game’s mental aspect is what is holding the team back.

“It’s as much mental things as it was physical things—all of the players can execute,” he said.

Going into their next match, Crossland wanted to use lessons learned over the team’s last few games.

“We’ve got to regroup and go back at it tomorrow.”

In the second match of their home-opening weekend, the Varsity Reds met St.FX. In their first and second games against the X-Women last season, the Reds tied and lost. Having not scored a goal in the regular season up until this point, the game was slotted to be a challenge.

St. FX opened scoring in the second half at the 58th minute. Number 23, second-year Danika Lefebvre, was able to respond quickly, scoring the V-Reds’ first goal of the season in the 59th minute. The game added a tie to the Reds’ record, pulling them out from their early-season slump.

Moving forward, the team maintains a positive outlook.

“Once we get our first win, I think we’ll be fine and the ball will start rolling—hopefully to AUS,” said Burton.

The Varsity Reds meet the UPEI Panthers at home on the Sunday, Sept. 24. Last season, the squad won against the Panthers 2-0 in their fourth regular season match, giving the Reds their first conference win of 2016.

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