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UNB students building up to dam presentation

UNB civil engineering students are assisting the City of Fredericton to resolve failures in the Campbell Creek Dam.

The work is split between eight students as part of group project for their engineering capstone design course that lets students solve real world problem as part of a group.

Maria Thomas is one of the students involved.

“Everyone brings their own opinions and backgrounds and we need to come up with a strategy together … everyone pulls their weight and gets along well.”

The dam had a failure in its water control system in 2016 and despite the headpond being drained already, the city wants to address issues with its structural integrity.

“The structure possessed a low risk of any significant failure; however, the structural integrity is deteriorating and needs to be addressed,” she said.

“We are developing a design for decommissioning the structure and will present it to the city next month.”

Thomas is originally from Ethiopia and said working in environmental and wastewater treatment engineering is what she’d like to be involved in.

The possibility of the dam being removed in an environmentally friend way, which could include restoring the waterway to allow salmon to spawn, is also being looked at by a different group of students UNB’s geological engineering program.

Jody Boone, city project engineer said the students’ involvement will be mutually beneficial as it will allow students to gain experience addressing problems on a real site.

“We initially provided a problem statement to allow the students to realize the scope of the project, conducted a site visit for them to see any on-site constraints,” said Boone.

Thomas and her peers will present their final solution at the UNB Engineering Design Symposium on Thursday, March 30.

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