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UNB Student presents student art exhibit

The end of the academic year is always the time to celebrate student achievement. Islay Purcell is a Renaissance College student who is very involved with the arts community; as the president of Art Zone, a student art club on campus, she put together a student art exhibit that will be held in the exhibition room of Provincial Archives until April 6.

The end of the year art exhibit has been a fairly regular tradition at Art Zone. This year, however, the club decided to feature art works from students who were not members of the Art Zone. Purcell said that this allowed for more variety in the exhibit.

“For the sake of having as many works as possible, we decided to open [submissions] to other students. We got a couple beautiful art works, so I’m glad we made that decision.”

From abstract paintings and sculptures to hyper-realistic paintings, the exhibit features a wide range of art works. Purcell said that this was the result of building the exhibit around student submitted works and not limiting themselves to a specific theme.

“It was initially going to be a nature theme. I think the theme now is having an opportunity open up for student artists. I think having a student art profile on campus is so important.

What makes this exhibit particularly interesting is that none of the artists are “art students.”

“Everyone has their interests, maybe from the faculty they are in, which they channel into their works,” said Purcell.

For instance, Maggie Brewer, a student in the environment and natural resources program, submitted a realistic painting of a moose.

Other works include a slide show presentation by Grace Nickerson, embroidery work by Annabelle Babineau and a portrait done with pencil crayon by Heidi Jin.

Purcell herself is also an artist. She has submitted a few watercolor paintings of in this exhibit, all of places that she has been to and loved.

“What I love to paint are nature stuff. I usually paint from a photograph and paint it as I remember the moment.”

Purcell said that she is interested in pursuing an art program after she graduates.

“Part of me would really like to go to art school. One of my dreams is to become a children’s book author and illustrator.”

She added that her small, watercolour paintings would be very appropriate for children’s books.

This exhibit is composed of student works that were completely voluntary. Purcell said this is what makes the exhibit so special.

“I think it’s beautiful to see so many people come together and do something just because they want to.”


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  1. Patty Hudson Reply

    Regarding the art exhibit…it should read UNB Student(s) present student art exhibit. Rowan Miller created the poster for the exhibit, liasoned extensively with Islay, and did the heavy lifting at the end of the exhibit. Rowan also was the only male to participate in the exhibit with both paintings and sculpture, yet, not a mention does he get.
    Gynocracy in action I’d say, and, is it possible in that world that men are viewed simply as tech support?

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