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Netflix original Riverdale brings the Archie comics to life

It has everything from glossy white pearls to murder; Riverdale, Netflix’s newest original series, brings the audience back to the time of classic Cadillacs and drive-in movies. Based on the Archie comics, the show brings the beloved childhood comics to life with a sinister twist.

The plot seems simple. Jason Blossom, the son of a high-profile family, has been murdered, and his sister was the last person to see him alive — but as more is discovered about his death, the town is thrown into chaos. The cast, though young, is talented, and adds to the enjoyment of the show by developing storylines for each character.

The apparently quiet town steps further into the disaster as they search for Jason’s killer. Raven-haired Veronica Lodge, blonde bombshell Betty Cooper, red-hot passionate Archie Andrews and mysterious Jughead Jones are all chasing clues while their lives unravel.

The original characters have taken on some different traits. Jughead, known in the comics as a dim-witted, comical character, is now much darker, after surviving homelessness and a criminal father, as well as a missing mother and sister. Betty — an inquisitive, passionate, go-getter — is a compelling character who wants to save Riverdale, and more than that, her sister. Veronica, who tries to save her family after her father was arrested for fraud, settles into a new town and becomes best friends with Betty.

Suspense builds as more questions surface about a love-child and the brutal shooting of one of  Riverdale’s beloved sons.

Fans of the show are excited to watch the episodes that Netflix releases weekly.

McKenzie Power, a second-year student, loves Riverdale. He said the storyline is part of what makes it great.

“It’s amazing what they can do with an hour timeslot and leave us with enough to look forward to next week,” said Power.

His favourite character? Archie Andrews, of course.

Power is not alone when it comes to a love for the new series. Ayla Poitras, a fourth-year student, said it’s a twist on the comic books she asked her mother to buy her when she was a kid.

“Plus, the murder-mystery theme is thrilling to the point where I’ll talk to anyone who is willing to listen about different theories I have about the plot,” she said.

And those theories, you ask? Plenty, but one is common among these beloved fans. The Southside Serpents, a notorious gang, were hired by high-profile criminal Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s dad. Rumours of an old blood war between the Blossom’s and Lodge’s could be at the forefront of a brutal killing. That’s what makes this show interesting enough to keep people coming back every week: separate storylines converge into the overall plot to find the killer.

Like so many thrillers before it, can this new show sustain itself? Can the series, so highly based around one event, continue to have high ratings? That remains to be seen.

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