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MoodCheck app monitors mental health for students

MoodCheck is a competition run by the WellTrack program from March 20 to 24; students compete against other Atlantic universities to win a donation of $1500 to be sent to their student wellness center.

The competition will be based on the number of points that the students of each university get by tracking their mood twice a day at random times in the MoodCheck app.

The MoodCheck app was developed by doctor Darren Piercey, a professor in the faculty of psychology at UNBF.

The point of the challenge is to make students conscious of their mental health and inform them about resources.

“It is an interactive way for students to talk about their moods,” said Al Sturgeon, the director of business management at Welltrack.

Mental health is a topic that is not talked by people and universities around Canada which is what the members of the WellTrack hope to change with their app.

“There is a good probability that either they or someone close are suffering in silence,” said Sturgeon.

“Mental wellness is a topic we all need to be open about and the MoodCheck challenge helps all students at each campus feel they can open up about stress, anxiety, and depression.”

Last year, 1650 students from ten different universities participated in the challenge, which was won by Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The program also provides free online therapy for stress, depression, and anxiety as well as a relaxation tool and it is working in an app that will include every tool developed so far.

This year, WellTrack is solely coordinating the data, promotion and organization of the challenge at UNB.

Matthew MacLean, the mental health strategist at UNB Counselling Services, worked with the MoodCheck Challenge coordinators at UNB.

“The idea behind [the MoodCheck app] is that if we start looking to our mood and to what we are doing, we might start to see a relationship,” MacLean said.

“We want people to realize that they actually have a lot of control over their mood.”

He believes that while our choices do hold immediate repercussions onto our moods, we should be more involved in seeing the proof of said choices.

“The important message is that mental health is for everyone, everyone should be thinking of taking care of their own mental well-being and that if you are struggling that you should have hope.”

For more information about the program and their benefits visit www.welltrackapp.com/signin or www.welltrack.com

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