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Faculty of Arts presents Queer Research Day

Queer Research Day is the first event on UNBF and STU campus that showcases LGBTQ+

studies conducted by students and faculty members. Presented by the faculty of arts, the event takes place in Tilley Hall room 5 on March 31, 2017.

Dr. Elizabeth Effinger, assistant professor at UNB, said that Queer Research Day is incredibly important in raising awareness.

“Events like Queer Research Day are incredibly important in raising awareness on many levels. I like to think of them like a prism — and not just for the rainbows! These are special opportunities to bring our research out of the classrooms, offices, labs — research that is often quite solitary in nature — and share that with our classmates, colleagues, and larger community.”

The opportunity to share these ideas is important to UNB, as the university has been a leader in the field of queer research. From Dr. Robert Gray, who has screened his films in the biggest LGBTQ+ film festivals, to Dr. Sandra Byers, who is the co-author of Understanding Human Sexuality, a very popular undergraduate human sexuality textbook, the university is not short of its share of star professors in the field.

The two keynote speakers, Dr. Lynne Gouliquer and Dr. Lucas Crawford, are also acclaimed professors.

“[Dr. Lynne Gouliquer’s] talk, titled From the Closet to the Court: The Historical and Contemporary Discrimination of Lesbian and Gay Soldiers in Canada, explores the marginalized treatment of gay and lesbian soldiers in the Canadian military.”

Dr. Gouliquer, assistant professor of sociology at Laurentian, has a personal connection to the topic as she spent 16 years in the Canadian military.

The other keynote speaker is Dr. Lucas Crawford, assistant professor of English at UNB. Through his research, he asks whether we can “learn to taste queerly? How? What would be at stake in tasting queerly?”

“His keynote address, suggestively titled Eating Out Queer Theory: elBulli Restaurant and the New Edible Modernism, promises to bring queer theory into contact with the discourse of taste in both literal and figural senses, that is, as modes of choice and consumption.”

Some of the presentations are expected to be less like the traditional presentation of research. Directed by Alexa McDaniel and Anthony Bryan, Love Scene: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance has created a buzz as it retells Shakespeare’s classical play. But in this performance, the lovers Hermia and Lysander are reimagined as a gay couple in 1970s America.

Dr. Effinger encouraged everyone to attend and emphasized the importance of raising awareness and supporting emerging scholars.

“[These] types of events are important because they create the supportive environment, the right conditions through which our research and ideas get dispersed and refracted, disseminated and enriched.”


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