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Art-rock band Motherhood to perform at the capital

Since the band formed in 2010, Motherhood has been bringing experimental music to the Fredericton music community. On April 1, the band is performing one last show for the semester at the Capitol Complex. Students are welcomed at the event and will be offered a special student discount when they present their student IDs.

The three-piece rock band first formed at a UNB event. Penelope Stevens and Adam Sipkema from the band are both UNB alumni.

“I was performing at a coffee house event where I met the members. We talked after seeing each other perform and started jamming in our basement. Since then, we’ve had lineup changes, and now we are a three piece band that plays experimental rock and roll.”

The band uses words such as “art” and “experimental” to describe their identity as a rock band. However, Stevens said that the band does not necessarily conform to the rock genre.

“We use rock as a descriptor, but we dabble in a lot of genres. We don’t necessarily ascribe to the genre of rock.”

In fact, Stevens described the band’s previous works as “country-ish”. The new album that is projected to be completed by the end of the year is going to be “more chill and pop-ier”.

“We have different opinions of what [the new album] will be.”

The Capital performance will be a send-off show for the band as they will be travelling to Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland to perform. Even though there are opportunities to perform in many other places, Stevens said that the band wanted to make music in Fredericton.

“In Fredericton, you see a lot of artists, visual and musical, that think if they want to further their career, they have to move to bigger cities. This didn’t really appeal to us. We wanted to make the best music that we could here. We wanted to make this a place where we wanted to stay.”

While Stevens appreciates the welcoming and supportive environment that Fredericton has to offer, she said she noticed a real disconnect between the local art scene and the university campus.

“We find that we don’t see a lot of students coming to the shows. It’s hard to communicate with students [because] students are not informed about the events.”

This disconnect was what motivated the band to offer $6 student friendly tickets. Stevens added that she hopes this will encourage students to be more enthusiastic about the art scene in the long run/

“This is a vibrant art scene. There are a lot of people doing a lot of strange and great music. The community here has a lot to offer students in culture, and we have a lot to give to the art scene here.”


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