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VRed pleads guilty days after championship win

The University of New Brunswick athletics director says it’s too early to say what consequences a Varsity Reds athlete will face after pleading guilty to impaired driving.

Peter James Trainor, 23, pleaded guilty to impaired driving in provincial court on Tuesday.

Trainor has been ordered to pay a fine of $1,300 and a victim surcharge of $390. His license has also been suspended for 12 months, according to media reports.

“Peter made a grave mistake in judgment and he dealt with [it] this morning, and we’ll deal with it internally now that there has been a verdict,” said John Richard, director of athletics at UNB, said in an interview on Tuesday.

The court heard that Trainor was pulled over in Fredericton on Dec. 15 and had a blood alcohol level of almost twice the legal limit.

Richard said each athlete is required to sign a code of conduct and in the coming days there will be a discussion about how to proceed with consequences.

“Peter did that, just like every other student athlete did on campus,” he said. “Certainly him and his coach Gardiner [MacDougall] will have a long discussion on what it means at the team level and then they will come to me and we will decide what the consequences will be at the program level.”

According to media reports, Trainor appeared remorseful in court. He told the judge it was a big mistake and it wouldn’t happen again.

Trainor’s guilty plea comes just two days after the UNB Varsity Reds won the University Cup National Men’s Hockey Championship title for the second year in a row.

Richard said the timing is unfortunate.

“Peter needed to own up to this, as I said, it was a significant lapse in judgment on his part and he did own up to this morning in court, and the timing is unfortunate,” said Richard.

He said in no way does the university condone this behavior.

“We are dealing with young adults who wear the Varsity Reds uniform and those young adults are going to have lapse in judgment and this was certainly one of them,” he said.

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