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Majority of UNB Wrestling team has a shot at the Olympics

It’s playoff season in the CIS and we are in for a cluster of UNB teams competing for national glory. Along with the swim team, UNB wrestling is one of first teams off to CIS championships.

The wrestling team is sending a relatively small team to the championships this year as the majority of UNB wrestlers will be attending at the Pan American Championships and Olympic Qualifying tournament.

“When you have a chance to qualify for the Olympic games it takes priority over everything else,” said Tom MacRae, Executive Director of Wrestling NB.

MacRae also said the team is committed to sending a full field of athletes to the 2017 CIS championships.

There will be three women and three men representing UNB at this year’s CIS championships.

Allyssa Cleaves (2015 bronze medalist), Darrion Sterling and Amanda Eng will be competing on the women’s side.

Grayson St. Laurent (2015 gold medalist), Matt Short and Andrew Sanford will be representing UNB on the men’s side.

Expectations for team success are humble, as UNB simply does not have a large enough team this year to compete for team medallions. However, MacRae expects some individual success.

“[All] 6 athletes that are attending are all capable of making it to the medal rounds,” said MacRae.

The team will head to St. Catherine’s Ontario on Thursday and compete at Brock University this weekend, Feb. 26-28.

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