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Like a virgin

Sex is one of the most electrifying, mind blowing, exhausting and euphorically physical activity that many of us will ever take part in. It is portrayed through advertisements and books – or maybe you have just heard the couple above your dorm room getting their freaky on. Whatever your introduction to sex was – whether you heard your parents (instant head trauma) or through the infamous porn sites that we all grow to love – we tend forget that, after the hook-ups, moans and contraceptives, virgins do exist.

It can’t be the easy being a virgin in university, especially when it is branded in our minds that we are at our sexual prime between the ages of 18- 24.  In my opinion, virgins would feel pressured every day to have sex with the constant chatter of its awesome toe tingling effect that last hopefully more than five minutes. However, let us get opinions from the horse’s mouth about what it is that they feel.

Do you ever felt pressured to lose your virginity?

Virgin #1 (age 19) – “It’s not pressure as in someone telling you that you need to lose your virginity. It’s like when people find out that you’re a virgin they look down on you or think ‘what’s wrong with you?’ ”

Virgin #2 (age 21) – “Yeah I kinda get used to the pressure. As a guy with friends who are sexually active … they make me want to experience the sensation too but then I have to pursue a girl and that’s not always easy.”

So there we have it: two virgins brave enough to speak out about their sexual inactivity that some of us either look down on or praise. However, is it so bad to be a virgin in today’s society?

From a girl’s perspective, it’s kind of cool not having to worry about missed periods, sexual transmitted infections, contraceptives, unwanted pregnancies or if a guy is only interested because you are his sexual convenience. I am sure for some men it would be nice to not have to worry about what size they are packing, their performance level as well as unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Well, some of you may be thinking that all of these risks are worth it especially if you are presently enjoying your sexual encounters. So why remain a virgin?

Virgin #3 (age 21) – “There’s no specific reason why I remain a virgin. I just never had any relationships – the opportunity never came.”

Virgin #4 (age 20) – “I am reserved for someone special … someone I will love I guess.”

So not every virgin is saving his/her self for marriage or for someone special.

I know that some readers are asking ‘How the hell do you not have sex when you are aroused?’ The answer is so simple that we tend to overlook it – it’s the exact same thing that non-virgins do when they do not have a sexual partner.

Virgin #3 (age 21) – “I hardly have urges because I don’t expose myself to it.”

Virgin #1 (age 19) – “I masturbate.”

Sex is a beautiful and amazing activity and it is important to remember that some people choose to lose their virginity early while others want to wait for marriage, love or just remain celibate. However, whatever the decision, that person should not have to feel ashamed or pressured to be what the status quo considers to be normal.

Virgin #3 (age 21) – “I don’t want people to think that I’m weird or have any problems [sexually related].”

We really should not see virgins just as social pariahs or a delicate flower; how about we just see them as people who have not have sex yet?

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