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We won’t stop

Last week, the university secretary asked me to divulge who had leaked the Board of Governors’ “Why UNB?” documents to the Brunswickan.

I said no.


Apparently the university is trying to get to the bottom of the people who are trying to hold the university accountable. This is because the basic rule of the Board of Governors is what happens at UNB BoG meetings stays at UNB BoG meetings. The university administration does not want the majority of the UNB community to know what [questionable] decisions they make, even though these decisions affect everyone.

As the campus press, our job is to keep the university informed about what the people in charge are up to. If the Board of Governors approved $5 million to go towards the “Why UNB?” marketing campaign and has looked at documents that show the marketing initiative could result in an expenditure of $30 million in eight years, we are going to be loud about it.

But we, too, can play the secrecy game. We will never give up our sources. That is not how journalism works and the UNB admin would do well to learn that.

What it comes down to is that our secrets are different than the Board’s secrets because ours do not act out of self-interest.

And if the UNB admin are so concerned about finding out who leaked this information instead of facing the dissatisfaction of their faculty, staff and students head-on, they might want to get their priorities straight.

They just might.

Because the Brunswickan isn’t going anywhere.

On “Why UNB” funding.

“Why UNB” funding recommendation mishandled. 


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