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Students need more information on UNB sexual assault programs

My name is Andreas Marquis and I am fifth year mechanical engineering student at UNB. This is my first time writing to the Brunswickan.

I’ve noticed the attention you have given this year to how sexual assault is handled on campus. It’s been fantastic to see awareness on the rise but I couldn’t help but feel there was a very bleak image of the situation being painted.

I’ve heard mentioned that it hasn’t at all been the Brunswickan’s intent to come off so negatively. For myself, I wanted to know more about what was being done and actually spoke with the senior director of Health and Wellness/Counselling Services, Rice Fuller. I was surprised to learn about all of the efforts currently under way and even more so at the fact that most didn’t exist four years ago.

As a male student, I seldom hear of any of the options available for victims of sexual assault or preventative programs run by UNB student services. In speaking with Rice, I got the impression that there was some kind of disconnect between what was being done and what students were actually aware of.

I think the Brunswickan does a fantastic job at spreading information on campus and I’ve always enjoyed your publishing. It’s an organization that makes me proud to say I study at UNB.

I guess I’ll wrap up by simply saying that many students like myself would benefit from hearing strait from Rice Fuller about what services and programs are available/in the works. I strongly believe the Brunswickan to be the ideal platform for spreading this information.

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