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‘Top 100 Employer’ has no merit

Recently UNB has received the designation of one of Canada’s top 100 employers by the Globe and Mail – a program where employers register themselves for consideration.

From the Canada’s Top 100 Employers website, the selection process involves an evaluation based on eight criteria, including “work atmosphere and social” and “health, financial and family benefits.” The process continues by comparing each employer to others in the same field. However, at no point are the employees given a chance to express their opinions on the matter.

In this case, I’m not sure how much being one of “Canada’s top 100 employers” is worth. And the university administration is deluding itself if they truly believe this recognition has any real merit.

Awards such as these are a means of hiding the fact that the university’s employees are dissatisfied with the upper administration. Statements from UNB HR of being “extremely proud” for this recognition seem a farce to drown out the voices of disgruntled faculty and staff. As if the title of “Top Employer” can act as a bandage to cover up past issues.

This designation does not reflect reality: Currently UNB is in negotiations with two employee unions on campus and will be entering into negotiations with a third in the spring. When the unions are saying that their employer doesn’t take the time to talk to them, that’s a concern. When the majority of the university’s faculties have expressed non-confidence in the senior admin, that can’t be ignored.

If the UNB admin think they can hide behind their fancy title and not face these issues head-on, they’re in for a surprise.

UNB admin: maybe you should reach out to your employees to see how well you stack up as an employer before patting yourself on the back.

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