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UNB Arts Centre teams up with SilverFish Photography Collective

Chris Brooks / The Brunswickan

The UNB Arts Centre, along with the Fredericton-based SilverFish Photography Collective, is currently featuring an exhibition called One Moment: An Homage to The Family of Man. The exhibit contains more than 100 photographs carefully selected by curator and director of the UNB Arts Centre, Marie Maltais.

“The idea for the exhibit came from the SilverFish Photography Collective; they were looking to celebrate their 10th anniversary and as a way to celebrate they were looking at an exhibition which also celebrated its anniversary, its 65th anniversary,” said Maltais.

The exhibit is inspired by the 1955 photography show The Family of Man which was on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City before touring the world for eight years. It focused on humanism and the similarities of people from around the globe.

According to Maltais the Art Centre’s exhibit took over a year to prepare, and the photographs which were chosen from more than 1000 submitted reflect themes such as birth, death and the stages in between.

“What we did was take the quote from Tennessee Williams, ‘Death is one moment, life is so many of them,’ and tried to show a timeline of life and show some of those moments that these guys have captured.” Brad - Mem Hall for Art

All of the photographs were taken by SilverFish, a collective consisting of 12 locally based photographers who all graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. It’s an exclusive group that work together to critique each other’s work and put on shows. All but one of them work in the area, and two of them even work at UNB.

Maltais believes it’s important that students check out the exhibit because of the quality of the art present and the fact that it’s so accessible.

“It really provides something for people who maybe don’t know much about art,” said Maltais. “Photography is a much more accessible art form, and there are some really interesting images that are quite resonant with everybody no matter what age you’re at or how much you know about art.”

The exhibition debuted on Nov. 6 and runs until Dec. 18. It is held at the UNB Arts Centre, which is located on 9 Bailey Drive, and is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Admission is free. The exhibit is split between two galleries on either side of the building, so be sure to explore both.

Following the One Moment exhibit, in January the Arts Centre will celebrate its 75th anniversary. The whole year will be dedicated to looking at different aspects of the history of the Arts Centre and the artistic history of Fredericton and the university.

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