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“With goals becoming harder and harder to come by in the NHL, should there be changes made to the rules such as shrinking goalie pads or making the nets bigger?”

Tyler BelyeaTyler Belyea (Former Mediocre Athlete): This “issue” should be played out a little longer to see how the scorers adjust and raise their game to compete with the skilled defenses and goal-tending. If it’s still an issue in a couple years shrink the goalie pads, but never increase the size of the net!

John Robb



John Robb (V-Reds Fan): Yes. Maybe both.  I think the goalie “gear,” not pads, could get smaller. The goalies in the 80s and 90s weren’t looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  Give NHL-ers some net to shoot at and they will hit it.  If safety is a concern, then I think you skinny the posts.  Make them one inch thick, then all the posts and crossbars would be goals.

Rob Trites (Sports Editor): Systematic change to gameplay is required to score more goals in the NHL on a consistent basis. The game will catch up to gimmicks like shrinking pads and making the nets bigger, it always has. Maybe the answer is putting a height restriction on goalies.




James Woods (Columnist): In all James Woods Headshothonesty, I don’t think it’s too big of an issue. I think players are still finding the back of the net with enough frequency to make any major adjustments to the game. If it does become a big problem than yes, maybe make the nets a bit bigger or the goalie pads a bit smaller.

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