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Opinion from the council sidelines

The UNBSU has decided to move along with its position cuts without a referendum. From sitting in on a number of their meetings, it seems to me that the main reason for this is boredom. Many of the councilors seem outright bored with discussion, to the point that it seems representatives are voting for whatever gets them out the door sooner.

A number of student council members have shown a clear lack of professionalism throughout the entire restructuring process so far. From comments saying students “just don’t care” to using antiquated racial labels, to youtubing puppy videos and snapchatting during debates, more than a few councilors seem to take their responsibilities pretty casually.

The idea of running a referendum seems to be a tedious chore for the student representatives. Councilors complain students won’t be informed enough to make a smart decision, but aren’t interested in heading any kind of awareness campaign.

I’m admitting my bias when I say I believe the proposed cuts should have gone to a referendum. I’ll also say that turning student at large positions into inclusion reps is a clumsy handling of the sensitive issue of cutting minority representatives. I can understand the desire to cut faculty rep positions; especially from the smaller faculty reps perspectives, but to avoid a referendum for convenience sake is irresponsible.

There may need to be cuts to student council, I just hope that the positions that do remain are filled with more mature candidates.

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