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Food and Liquor: The Capital Winter Cocktails

Sebastian Maynard HeadshotSebastian – Prohibition Mule

Served in a cool tin mug, the Prohibition Mule contains whisky, ginger beer, mint and lime. With their version, The Capital opts for Spicebox whisky, which adds a different element to the drink. The first couple sips of the cocktail were overpowered by the mint and whisky, reminding me of a mint julep, but as the drink progresses it is the taste of ginger that grows stronger. Though they are billing it as a winter drink, the Prohibition Mule would pair just as well with a warm summer night as it will with the cold months ahead.


Adam Travis Headshot


Adam – The Perfect Storm

A dark and spicy cocktail thanks to dark rum and ginger beer, the Perfect Storm (otherwise known as the Dark and Stormy) is a fitting cocktail for the colder months ahead. The D&S is about balancing the richness of dark, boozy rum with the light spiciness of ginger beer. Done right (and mixed well) this cocktail goes down smooth, and will linger on the taste buds long after the last sip.


Brock – The Cuke

Having sampled a number of new cocktails on the soon-to-be Capital winter menu I found the Cuke to be my hands-down favorite. If you’re a fan of a drink that is more on the sweeter side and enjoy the subtle taste of gin then you have to try this cocktail. The drink combines premium gin, fresh cucumber, simple syrup and hints of lemon to deliver a cocktail that takes me back to the days of summer, which can be quite comforting during a New Brunswick winter. The drink is light, fresh and can even be enjoyed by those who originally don’t love gin. When the snow starts falling and the winter blues sets in a prescription of the Cuke will be my go to remedy.



Tyler – The Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a pure classic. It’s that something your grandfather would have drunk way back in the day. For the cocktail, combine two parts Glenfiddich (12 year) and one part Drambuie on the rocks. The drink has an intense taste that turns sweet, but trust me when I say that it’s just as harsh as the name. I would never have guessed The Capital could have redefined this signature drink with their own twist – and do it so well. This liver-pounding drink will keep you nice and warm this winter and put some hair on your chest while doing it.

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