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UNBSU council should care about apathy

At the UNBSU town hall council meeting on Nov. 1, many UNBSU councillors expressed that students just don’t care when it comes to the actions of the Student Union. Because of this, they didn’t want to make a referendum about the Union’s proposal to cut, or “restructure”, councillor positions.

There are two issues here, as I see it. One is that UNBSU councillors don’t think that students care and are just accepting it as a fact without doing anything to address it. The other is that students might not actually care.

First to students: When your Student Union proposes to cut several positions on the council, it should matter to you. The UNBSU is there to represent you and if they are planning to cut this representation, such as International and Women’s, it’s an issue. You should care; if only because you fork over $115 to the UNBSU every year. Heck, you only fork over $7.50 to us and you’re reading this paper.

As for the councillors who don’t think a referendum about the proposed restructuring is necessary because students “just don’t care,” maybe you should do something about it. If the response to the Brunswickan’s article about the restructuring says anything about students’ interest in this matter, your perception of their apathy might reflect a lack of outreach on your part.

Students voted you in. Maybe not many, as the most recent by-election proved, but those who actually voted put their trust in you. Even if many students don’t care about what you do, you still owe it to the few who do to let them know what you’re up to. They deserve that much.

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