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Sports Panel: Can Raptors transcend “We the North” campaign?

The Raptors had a busy offseason adding two Canadians and DeMarre Carroll, but can their success transcend the “We the North” marketing campaign?

Sebastian Maynard HeadshotSebastian Maynard (Arts Editor): As a Toronto fan it is hard to be optimistic, but it truly seems like there is a new era in the city. The Blue Jays and TFC just finished pretty successful playoff campaigns, and the Maple Leafs seem to have finally figured what it takes to build a successful franchise. The Raptors have been leading the charge, in Toronto, with back-to-back playoff appearances, all signs point to them to building on their success and once again getting the country behind them come playoff time.



John Robb



John Robb (V-Reds fan): I think we have to accept that the “We the North” campaign is the success.  The team will make the playoffs, but like Barkley said, he could get five guys from the TNT studio and make the playoffs in the East.  Fact is, they have faltered two straight years in the playoffs and until they don’t, they are the Leafs of the hardwood.




Nathan Delong HeadshotNathan DeLong (Staff Reporter): The “We the North” marketing campaign seems to have worked for the Raptors. While three players can make an impact, there are more than those who make the team. Adding Canadian players can’t hurt when it comes to marketing, though. It may even bring more fans to the Air Canada Centre each game.






Rob Trites HeadshotRob Trites (Sports Editor): I don’t believe the Raptors have what it takes to go deep in the playoffs. Adding DeMarre Carroll and Corey Joseph was a step in the right direction, but there is still a fundamental problem with the team. They have no identity. Coach Casey has preached defense since he was hired three years ago yet the Raptors are still a mediocre defensive team.

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