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Provincial Archives building to host art exhibit

From November 6-15, the Provincial Archives building on the UNB Campus will not only be housing old artifacts, but also current works of art on display by the Fredericton Society of Artists.

The exhibition, which has been taking place annually at the Provincial Archives for the past few years, is set to showcase somewhere over 120 paintings by local artists. “It’s so diverse,” said the society’s president, Ruby Allan. “Everyone has their own style.”

Started in 1936, the then-named Fredericton Art Club began as a way to get people together who enjoyed art. Over the years, more than the name has changed, as the group of artists has grown, and they now regularly show work at places like Old Government House.

For $30 per year anyone can become a member, allowing them to show work in the yearly fall and spring show as well as special exhibits, like the upcoming display at the Fredericton Playhouse.

“The arts scene in Fredericton has certainly grown,” said Allan, who has seen changes since she moved here in 1993. “There wasn’t a lot going on so you had to sort of find an association like this, but now if you go into a restaurant there is art for sale, it’s everywhere.”

Though that means more competition for the artists, Allan is excited about the new culture.

“I think people who never even thought of doing art are doing art now. It’s something we enjoy and I guess that’s why we keep doing it.”

Along with holding monthly meetings, the society provides professional critiques of work, as well as workshops. Whether an experienced aficionado or beginning enthusiast, Allan said the society is a great place to meet people, and of course it is exciting to see your work in an exhibition or being sold.

Opening night of the upcoming exhibition, 5 p.m. on Friday, will not only see the artists showing off new work but also celebrating together.

“The members all bring in more or less a potluck with an array of food so you can eat, drink and look at art,” said Allan.

While only the opening of the fall exhibit will feature wine and snacks, Allan encourages students to take advantage of the artwork on campus anytime they can.

“Even if you can’t make it to the opening you certainly can go, take a walk and look at all the wonderful art.”

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