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SlippAdvisor: Isaac’s Way

Comfort food is something we all can appreciate. Whether it’s a classic macaroni and cheese or bowl of fresh soup, not all of us are great at making our own favourites. In Fredericton the one place that advertises comfort food is Isaacs’s Way.

The restaurant itself is quite nice, from the paint on the walls to the slick bar top and modern yet rustic tables. The restaurant has a positive aura from the moment you walk in. Isaac’s Way promotes farm to table dishes and takes pride in the community, as there is a numerous amount of local artwork around the restaurant that customers can purchase and admire. That being said, hats off to Isaacs’s Way for promoting local talent and giving customers a relaxing vibe.

Though the restaurant is nicely designed and the concept seems on the money, the food hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I have given this restaurant three chances to impress me and though I really do want to like it, I just don’t enjoy the food that comes out of the kitchen. My most recent visit consisted of ordering the Bacon Artichoke Dip followed by the Picaroons Braised Beef Melt. Both dishes sound amazing but left much to be desired.

The Bacon Artichoke Dip came on a plate with three pieces of bread that were simply massacred by the grill, and by massacred I mean burnt. With the burnt bread came some clumsy looking vegetables cut larger than needed for my dipping pleasure. The dip itself tasted quite nice but was very chunky on its own. The idea of dipping vegetables into an already chunky dip was just too much to bear. I would have greatly preferred some warm pitta bread instead.

Next came the Beef Melt that to my surprise was presented nicely with some grilled vegetables and a baked potato. The vegetables and the potato did taste fresh, which is expected here, however the Beef Melt was not as pleasant. The cheese on the top was melted a bit too long and therefore had become crusty and dry in spots while the bread itself was simply too oily to enjoy. The braised beef on its own tasted great but the combination of crusted cheese and oily bread made for a greasy melt.

The service has always been great at Isaacs’s Way but on my recent visit my dining companion requested the Chicken Burger but asked if she could have it without the breading that goes on the chicken. Seeing as Isaac’s Way promotes farm fresh food it would seem appropriate that they could grill a fresh piece of chicken rather than bread it, though the server said this was not possible. If everything really is made from scratch, then having to grill a piece of chicken shouldn’t be an issue, right?

Isaac’s Way is a nice restaurant to relax and have a drink at but for me eating here won’t be on my mind anytime soon. The restaurant gets some great reviews online so maybe I haven’t been ordering the right items on the menu. However as I mentioned I have visited the restaurant three times and unfortunately the third time was not a charm.


Service- 7/10

Atmosphere- 9/10

Food- 4/10

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